Ronny Spears / Press

“Ronny Spears...Salt and Lime Cool. A Texas Tequila travel agent for your soul.”

Brett Dillon - KHYI - 95.3FM The Range

“Spears provides the authenticity that’s missing in most of today’s country music, and he provides in abundance. You can tell by his voice and the melodies, these timeless songs come from the heart and soul.”

Buzz McClain - Playboy Magazine

“Ronny ranks right up there with Rusty Weir and Gary P. Nunn.”

David Card - Owner, Poor David's Pub

“Ronny Spears brings his own brand of two fisted drinking songs and dancehall favories to the party. He performed for President George W. Bush as well as every honky tonk and roadhouse bar in Texas.”


“Bridging the canyon between brazen honky-tonk and slick mainstream country is singer/songwriter Ronny Spears. His soothing Texas Music somehow sways both ways without disappointing either side.”

Country Music Today

“Ronny's songs range from rockin’ Hony Tonk to tender love ballads and everything in between, crossing many boundaries, yet sticking to its Country roots. Ronny's band, Honky-Tonk Hardcore, is made up of exceptional musicians with long and strong backgrounds in Texas music and who have performed with many of his heroes. They have been traveling throughout the state and beyond entertaining fans and making new ones with Spears’ original music. Catch Ronny whenever you can. It'll be worth the drive, for sure.”

Honky Tonk Texas, USA