Ronny Smith / Press

“After hearing the first few seconds of Ronny’s “Bossa Awhile,” which leads off his sparkling new CD, you’ll note George Benson, and Wes Montgomery influences and know that their legacies are in good hands. Smith doesn’t get as much exposure as those two, but he should.”

“If George Benson or Earl Klugh is your cup of tea, then Ronny is your man. Don’t get this thing twisted; he is not a George or Earl wannabe. Smith has developed his voice and his playing style, just like those other boys. You feelin’ me? He is a class act, too!”

“Smith's latest CD, Simply Stated, combines sexy R&B rhythms with old-school guitar lines that will leave you breathless. Smith's touch on the strings has a melodic voice without a heavy hand. He grooves, caresses and works his way through a song with maturity beyond his years.”