Ron Noyes Band / Press

“RNB fuses intricate melodies, meaningful lyrics, tight grooves, and intense instrumentation. Since 2002, The Ron Noyes Band has rapidly grown into one of the New England's most highly acclaimed and talked about acts.”

“The Ron Noyes Band is a four-piece original act described as emotive, unique, and timely. Their blend of roots rock, funk, singer-songwriter, and soul creates a sound that is touted in 12 countries”

“For those of you that have never heard of RNB; they’re a soulful roots/soul rock band The John Popper of Blues Traveler is to play on a song called “Last To Know”. I’m personally getting familiar with their music and liking what I hear so far so I look forward to their upcoming album. ”

“The Ron Noyes Band’s gutsy, blues-infused brand of rock has allowed them to succeed where many area bands falter — The still-unnamed record should be released in June. three rough mixes currently streaming on the band’s MySpace page. ”