Ronnie Gibson / Press

“Your productions are wonderful! Great spirit to your music. You rock Ronnie!”

"When Your Gone" - Good writing Ronnie, I liked the instrumental selection/arrangement & overall structure of the song. The production shines here - you've got good spacing on the instruments that allows a sound/vibe to develop... it feels like all the instruments have their place. Well done.

"Outlets" - Like the flow of consciousness lyrical style here. Some great lines and the way you put them together is pretty cool. Music and vocal delivery give me a Devo feel - a bit mechanical. Cool track

"Rock Garden" - This is of a very high standard...kinda polished quirkiness that I adore. Really bobbles about through my headphones. Love clever lyrics like these.

"Rock Garden" - Love the tempo and vocal presentation. Tight music and interesting lyrics. Love the harp. An all around cool groove.

"My Time" - Ronnie, this is way cool, man. Love the feel here. Nice little touch of tremolo on the guitar feels good. I'll be playing this during the next "Saturday Night Rocks" show here on MixStream Radio. Great song!

"Ashes" - This is a surprising tune. Cool rythm section, and I really love the instrumentation. My congrats for this excellent song.

"Emotions" - Nicely done! I think this was one of the most creative songs I've heard in a long time. I love the lyrics. The music is perfect. This reminds me of songs from the 60s that weren't afraid to try something different. Really enjoyed it! Great job!

"Is This A Dream" - I totally love this track, excellent music and lyrics, and a really good sense of movement and flow, it all works for me. You have totally nailed a mid 60's vibe, but brilliantly put a modern touch to it!