Ronnie Eaton / Press

“There’s No Way to Tell,” the EP Eaton released this year, in general has a Bruce Springsteen “Nebraska” feel to it. It’s not as rough around the edges, but it feels like we’re not necessarily supposed to be invited to the party. They feel like Eaton’s been singing them to himself for years and has finally decided to let us get a peek at what’s on the inside”

“Very Nice! I hear why your #1. Keep up the great jams.”

Chris Austin Martinez - Reverbnation

“Ronnie Eaton building a career with a song and a guitar”

“This album is great! My husband bought it for me as one of my birthday presents & I listened to it over & over again. "Sally Don't Cry" is my favorite song”

“Awesome songwriter and performer! Looking forward to more!”

“Coming out of the Lubbock area I had high expectations for this EP and Ronnie hit all of them. I really enjoy listening this album and look forward to hearing more.”