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Ronnie Dean: Fulfilling His Father’s Vision with Music
By PHIL SWEETLAND Music+Radio contributor
NASHVILLE–Dean’s new album fulfills his musical destiny. Ronnie sings, writes, and records the full span of his musical talents, showing his love for many genres of music.
Ronnie’s Mom was a classically trained violinist and pianist. His Dad, who loved country music, had a vast stock of 78s from classic artists, like Hank Snow.
Thru his Dad Ronnie taught himself guitar, playing by ear with TV commercials. “I always had a guitar in my hands,” he says. “It drove my mother nuts.”
After school, Ronnie joined the popular Seattle band, Good Vibrations, playing the Holiday Inn circuit in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. He worked as a commercial jingle composer for Raleigh Bicycles in Seattle.
Ronnie’s strong Christian faith plays a huge role in his life and music. In ‘89 he moved to Nashville to pursue Contemporary Christian Music. Peers told him he’d maxed out in Seattle. “My friends kicked my butt, telling me to go there,” he says, smiling. When he arrived, the music scene wasn’t as he thought: “In a word--disheartening,” Ronnie says.
Ronnie kept writing, recording, and touring. He recorded 2 powerhouse Christian albums, So Many Times and Thief In The Night, available on his website. Two yrs. ago, Ronnie found Bluegrass, changing his life. “It’s fun, something I’ve never done,” he says. “I had no idea the genre is so huge.”
Ronnie is completing an album that blends his musical influences. It’s an emotional experience. “I’ve been holding back for years; I’m sick of it,” he says. “Now I’m gonna have fun. Me and God are all I have to please.”
It’s a Dynamic Duo Ronnie has felt serene with in life. His new album and single “Everything” give him the chance to show all of his talents.

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