Ron Matthews / Press

“Ron is a great performer of John Denver songs but is also a talented singer/songwriter of his own music. When you get a chance to hear Ron Matthews in concert be sure to take it.”

Lew & Marilyn Benton - House Concert, Bristol, TN

“The sound is pleasant and the words are clear.The whole performance creates peace in the listener's ear. Ron's original songs are sensitive and well-performed, also.”

“Ron Matthews & Spirit bring great entertainment to any venue. Imagine John Denver's songs or country hits performed with smooth, even voices and acoustic guitars. The audience at The Stage loved every minute of this show!”

“Thank you Ron for writing, singing and posting this beautiful song for John. I have added it to my favorites so I can come back and listen to it again and again.”

“[Cowboy Meant to Sing] is so beautiful. You do remind me of John Denver. Loved it.”

“This a great tribute to John! Your song speaks for me as well. I've heard John say that he writes songs that everyone wants to write...that is what you have done here! Keep up the great work. I just had to give this song a second listen! ”

“Thank you for this really touching tribute to the late great John Denver and thank you for sharing it with us! It was a real pleasure to listen to.”

"Doing Time in Nashville" is one Matthews tune that usually grabs listeners' ears -- a sincere but unsentimental portrait of an artist who knows there are dues to pay in the service of his music. More recently, he's been showcasing a very radio-friendly tune called "Anything but Typical."