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Ron Jackson / Press

“Like the metropolis he calls his own, the guitarist embodies not only a broad stylistic range, but also a cultural multiplicity that can only come from a well-traveled heart. Some such pieces, like "Old Dusty Road" and "Bucket Blues," feel close to home, while others more distant from the here and now. In these, too, Jackson employs skillful multi-tracking to maximize his improvisational reach. All of which entails a more-than-convincing package of Jackson's melodic acumen. This album is one from which life overflows with optimism and resilience. Says Jackson, "It's the one CD where I produced everything myself, so I'm proudest of it. I wanted to put out something I had complete control over, against what people thought I should be releasing, and this is it." Such thinking is true to the album's titular wordplay, which entreats us to be ourselves, and welcomes anyone with ears to hear.”

““(Auto)biographics, reminicenses as well as diverse musical-ethnically influences from North- Middle-and South America left their mark on Jacksons writing and playing between high cheer and sweet melancholy. It is no wonder this album is his openest, most personally and private and, yes, most honest – unplugged makes it all possible.” Translation approved by: Alexander Schmitz in “Jazz Podium”, Germany”

““Jackson runs through a panoply of acoustic styles,…. For a solo instrumental jaunt through acoustic music from around the world, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better starting point than Akustik InventYours.””

“Ron Jackson is an exceptional guitarist . Provided virtuosity does not make him a braggart learned. He wants more to its own requirement for interpretation and experimentation with electric or acoustic guitar. With the latter in his latest album he drew a road off the trail in fashion. Cultivating a good swing at him Ron Jackson rejuvenates the colors of various styles (Cuban , classical, folk , americana, etc.) without ever falling into a soup world . Adventurous in his way, while ruptures skilled musician no more retro looking as progressive. That's why his music is timeless . Emerges an oasis of calm in the noisy wilderness. Everything is sweet , warm, "caliente" . In a more than beautiful guitar efficiency alone can both hear and see pictures murmuring music in its catchy colors. John Paul Gavard -Perret”

“New York, Ron Jackson creates an album with Akustik InventYours out of time by avoiding two major hazards : the technical brilliance and a craft world music . Everything remains tasteful intimate but without any sentimentality . Of course , echoes the horrors of Brooklyn fail into this music. However, it retains the sense of " growl ". The album brings a wonderful rugs or clutter-free climbing chromatic salads . There there, by the effect of discrete serenades , a night of rest , a dawn ear that we will take at the bottom of our beds . Pure mono - instrumental album is listened with closed eyes. The Dream is awake in his " no-man's language," except that of a winged guitar emerged from the darkness it illuminates its echoes.”

“Ron Jackson is a virtuoso on the 7 string, swinging his “ax” in straight ahead jazz outfits as well as R&B and funk situations wherever music lovers gather. Ron has worked all over the world as both a leader and a side-man, and he never disappoints.”

“Clean, Contemporary with a Touch of Spain Ron Jackson's style is eclectic and contemporary and very nice to listen to. He has elements of many genres in his playing which are mellow and pleasant on the ears. His original songs seem to tell a story, with a hint of Spanish flare in some. “Bucket Blues” and the “Old Dusty Road” are basic and easy, one with a bluesy note, and the other with a country flare. I really liked these.”

“The electric guitar has a long history in jazz, going back to the late 1930s with Charlie Christian (who wrote the book on the electric guitar as a jazz instrument and influenced Barney Kessel, Johnny Smith, Wes Montgomery, Tiny Grimes, Jimmy Raney, George Benson, Jim Hall, Grant Green and countless others). But it’s important to remember that the jazz guitarists who preceded Christian played the acoustic guitar, including Philadelphia native Eddie Lang in the 1920s. The seminal Django Reinhardt, king of gypsy swing, also played the acoustic guitar. So given the importance of the acoustic guitar as a jazz instrument, it is highly appropriate when jazzmen who have made their mark on the electric guitar decide to record an acoustic album. And veteran guitarist Ron Jackson does exactly that on the engaging Akustik InventYours.”

“Listeners who have read my reviews of Ron’s previous works (issue 118, for instance), will realize on first listen to tunes like the marvelously soothing “Your Eyes” that he’s playing from a totally new & fresh approach! Absolutely excellent finger-style work that shows his true mastery of the guitar… I can guarantee listeners who are in love with well-played and high-talent guitar – this one is a KEEPER! My ears fell in love immediately with his deliberate (yet soothing) chords on the beautiful “Park Slope“… definitely my personal favorite of the fifteen-track excursion. This one gets my MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of a perfect 5.00 – meaning that it’s also the “PICK” of this issue for “best guitar CD of 2014″. Get more information at Ron’s website Rotcod Zzaj.”

“Jackson’s album, Flubby Dubby, produced by the legendary Melvin Sparks, shows off his signature soul/funk style of jazz guitar, refreshing in its energy and classic in its sound. Well known in the right circles, Ron Jackson is quietly one of the best jazz guitarists in music. Ask any big name musician who has taken part in the New York Jazz scene, and they will know exactly who Ron Jackson is. Its artists such as Jackson who help define the artistic brilliance of big names as session men and live support. But often such artists have as much talent (and sometimes more) than the folks they support. Jackson is known, but his name recognition is not requisite with his talent level. Flubby Dubby displays Jackson’s talent in inarguable terms, as a composer, arranger and performer. This is an album that’s difficult to put down. Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5) ”

“Burning Gums CD Review. "A stylistic tour de force, this self-titled trio effort manages to take in many of jazz music’s most notable influences, even tosses in a dash of Pacific island flavor, but it never falls into the rote imitative traps of so many of today’s more traditionalist recordings. That’s a credit to executive producer Ron Jackson, a guitarist of mature yet inventive dexterity. His guitar work recalls, by turns, Pat Metheny’s sleek modernity and Wes Montgomery’s riffy elation. Meanwhile, bassist Norbert Marius is a propulsive counterpoint, moving with cat-like quickness underneath Jackson’s impressive runs. Neither manages to catch drummer Matsuura Hiroyuki, however. He is always a cymbal-tap ahead of them. Together, they create an album-opening statement of purpose. Even at the end, it’s clear that there isn’t much these three can’t do. This self-titled release could have been twice as long, and never gotten old." Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5) ”

“The breakneckspeed and intensity of the soloing keep you on the edge of your seat. "Waltz For Nicki" gives you the idea again of both his compositional skills and his fine chops. Stevie Wonder's "Too High"- we get a nice glimpse at Jackson's R&B chops, a funky burner that really cooks. –JH ”

JH - Vintage Guitar Review

“Jackson’s music is absolutely beautiful! Five tracks are his own Entirely something you want to listen to.Jackson is quite talented. This album reflects a quality of being, an artist searching for higher enlightenment. Jackson’s music will pour over you and feel so good. Definitely recommended”

A-J Charron - Guitarnoise.com