Ronda Rozon / Press

“ Here are some quotes from my listeners... "What a splendid cd Ronda!" "Congratulations on your cd! Amazing performance at the art studio and I feel honored and proud to own one of your cd's" "Thankyou for your excellent cd!" "Wow! You really blew me away with this cd!" "So proud of you Ronda what a fantastic album" "I've listened to your CD alot over the past three days and think it's great. Very good recording quality and very professional produced. I loved the mandolin? in the fourth song and the flute in the other one and all the guitar leads. I also loved the drum and percussion ... they add alot and make your songs very marketable out there. I don't think you could have picked a more appropriate title as well ... from within ... that definitely shines through in your presence, in your melodies, and in your lyrics." "These songs are inspirational and of a nature that strikes a positive chord in the heart! Wonderful! When is the next one? " ”

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