Ronald Tucker / Press

“Clone Farm Carnival” Ronald Tucker (Neon Pie Records) ***1/2 I had no idea what to expect from this Disc. I have always loved Tucker’s musical approach. His stuff is always on the side of oddly cool and refreshingly original. There’s a whole lot of techno and sequencing and synthesized stuff here, (which by no means is a negative) mixed with a retro psychedelic mood. The first track on the disc, “Clone Farm,” is a techno-wonder, with different rhymmic passages and electro-beats. These tracks all sort of slide into each other (which must have been interesting to master) but, it’s nice not to hear much separation for once on a CD. There are 15 tracks on this disc and there’s a lot of Indian/Asian inspired stuff (you’ll hear what sounds like a sitar on track 2, with some poppier stuff as well. You’ll simply give this disc a thumbs-up, because Tucker infuses his own musical expertise that shimmers with the apparent influences that never overpowers.”

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