ROMA / Press

“A rich history flows through the music of Roma. Named after a term for the Romani people, this local band seamlessly weds Gypsy sounds with a multitude of Western music traditions including blues, rockabilly and punk. Guitarist and vocalist Charlie Padgett then weaves mythical imagery into grand personal narratives, backed by brother Ben Padgett on drums, Chris Wilkerson on bass and Matt Hansen on lead guitar. On a whim, the group recently sent its superb debut, "Ursa Minor," to Jello Biafra's record label Alternative Tentacles, but it doesn't expect a response from the former Dead Kennedy. Roma just wants people to listen.”

“I'd heard of ROMA long before I saw them last week, and I really liked what I heard. The Padgett brothers, Charlie and Ben, handle lead guitar/vocals and drums, respectively. Having the same arrangement in my band, I love seeing this interaction. With slight nods and facial gestures, they can make impromptu decisions on stage. Ben is a phenomenal drummer, and ROMA as a whole carries rhythm seamlessly. An array of influence makes their live show engaging. Charlie has a Bad Religion-esque style to his singing, and I get a heavy, ominous, yet poppy Queens of the Stone Age feeling from the instrumentation. I was caught by surprise when they opened up some crisp vocal harmonies as well. Ben uses a constant bass drum downbeat to fuse songs together; it also keeps the heads bobbing, and the unconscious mind engaged. ROMA plans on releasing a 7" at the end of June, so keep an eye out.”