Roll It Over / Press

“Got 5 tunes of modern rock n roll that wasn’t too bad to these ears. The songs have that catchy flair that a lot of the bands are doing these days and I did find myself nodding along with the tunes. I am not a big fan of this groove rock stuff, but this was better than most and what helps this band, is that the singer just does an incredible job on this and he sings his heart and balls off on this and his voice is perfect for this music. A solid production and I like the guitar sound as well. So like the above band, these guys are easily one of the better bands playing this style out there these days.”

“Roll It Over are a band laden with potential and already well-versed in the importance of quality control. Nothing here feels rushed or hurried with the result that the EP feels like a high budget affair rather than an independent release.”

“Roll It Over is funky and cool. A hybrid of alternative, rock and pop. Clear vocals, dope instrumentation and stellar production. This band is a must listen. Guaranteed to hypnotize you.”

“Congratulations to Roll It Over for a very strong release in Dawning on the Red Streets and for being a perennial live presence in the Maryland/Pennsylvania live music scene. They are a band we have been fans of from their very first live performance, which we were lucky enough to catch!”

“Roll It Over is hard for me to put a specific label on, but I think it is simply that they are a good old fashioned rock and roll band. They write songs that are memorable, playable on the radio (as proven by 98 rock and other big stations in Pennsylvania) , and surprising.”

"These guys are five star amazing!"

David Weisberger - The Ultimate Basement

"...the definition of coolness man, and they were another one of those sleepers that hit below the belt because I'd never seen them before. They're awesome, and will ALWAYS have a pitstop at The Money when they are in this area."

David Kiser - The Money

“Roll It Over took the stage about 9pm and steamrolled over the crowd with their edgy Rock and Roll. I was actually pleasantly surprised as was another local musician who said something to the effect that they were better than ever. I had never seen them but they surely will be making their mark on the local scene, trust me.”

“Be on the lookout for these guys. I'm sure we'll see more of them.”

“We were pleased to watch the band's first ever live show. The guys did a great job and played some very good original tunes. They handed out some free demo CD's and we picked one up for a future listen. We don't know much about these guys, but we will keep our eyes on them as well. Great job on your first live show guys...seriously...well done.”