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"This guitar has been played," he says. "Three hundred shows a year for 20 years." The Birmingham Sessions: Rick Carter (video)

“The Man, The Legend, Rick Carter - One of Rick’s most recent ventures is into Internet Radio with Rick Carter Radio — focusing on "All Alabama Artists All The Time", and after checking it out, I can FULLY endorse Rick Carter Radio.”

“1. Levon Helm Tributes- Bluegrass Ramblers Rollin’ In The Hay dedicating their rendition of Springsteen’s “Atlantic City” to Levon who sang on The Band’s famous cover version of the tune. (video at the link)”

“So I arrived early Thursday and started at the Great Taste Lounge Brewed by Miller Lite (a newer addition to Bonnaroo) and photographed a few minutes of Rollin’ in the Hay, a new grass band that sounded great.”

“Thursday kicked off just right with a little musical action from Rollin' in the Hay. Not only did the trio hype fans for a weekend of musical fun with "Opie Song," with its steadily-paced mandolin prompting the audience to stomp along, the early set prepared the crowd for days of immeasurable amounts of walking and uncontrolled dancing.”

“Rollin' In The Hay Live at Bonnaroo”

“Rollin' In The Hay wins a spot at 2012 Bonnaroo Music Festival! ”

“The Rollin' in the Hay thing became like a power trio thing without drums and with a very southern-rock slant. Rick Carter”

“Rollin in The Hay set the standard for high-energy, moonshine drinkin, badass bluegrass bands in the south!”

“Q&A with Rick Carter, lead singer of Rollin’ in the Hay”

“Cool pics from Alex City Jazz Fest”

“Rollin’ in the Hay Combine the good times and instruments of a front porch hoedown with the muscle of a power trio, and the savvy of veteran touring musicians. Coat that with caffeine laced three part harmony and you begin to understand the sound of Rollin' in the Hay.”