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"This band sounds like a back porch party gone right. Their songs are a perfect combination of working class frankness and inspired hootenanny, guaranteed to provide outlet for your daily grind woes. Currently recording a new album, you can catch Rolling Nowhere playing inside and outside the Metro area." www.rollingnowhere.com Roots Music in Marietta by Cassi Costoulas The Arts Scene in Your Backyard - April 04, 2012

“A little bit twangy country, a little bit Coen Brothers, Rolling Nowhere journeys down those mythical train tracks. It’s no surprise that Atlanta band Rolling Nowhere was inspired by a touch of wanderlust. Formed in early 2009, their name was taken from the Ted Conover book of the same name. In the ’70s, Conover, an Ivy League student fascinated by hobos, dropped out of school and immersed himself in their way of life. Rolling Nowhere brings that same spirit to their music as well. “All of our songs are either about being lost or wandering, hitting the railroad tracks, just a lot of vagabond, beatnik-type stuff,” said vocalist and guitarist Brad Cochran.”

“In a hectic world where people are usually headed somewhere with a to-do list that reaches the floor and an inbox impatiently awaiting replies, it’s nice to occasionally get back to basics and simply be rolling nowhere in particular. Rolling Nowhere presents a trip back through the decades, before cell phones and information highways. Indeed, they call to mind the days even before phone lines and paved roads cut across the landscape. Their easy going music and relatable lyrics offer a timeless sound, much like a sepia photograph. Rolling Nowhere features song titles such as “Lonesome Feelin’” and “Whiskey Drinkin’” yet rather than steep the listener in self pity, they offer solace in the solitude painted by their stark country-folk sounds. Brad Cochran chatted with TST about the inspiration behind their name, the allure of trains, and the value of simplicity. Please click the Web Link for the full interview.”

“Rolling Nowhere do sparse, stark, lonesome country-folk songs, to the extent that they named their new six-song CD The Lonesome EP. It's a subtly stirring excursion into the dark side of the prairie, praying for sunrise and redemption.”