Rohan Irie / Press

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“on "Oh I Wish" Video...is still my favourite and i'm still listening.”

“on "BOOO" Video...Big up Mr Irie”

“on "Gallian" Video.......Lov Dis Artist.”

“on 'Let's Unite' Video......Yessssssss i let's unite !!!!!!!”

“UK GARAGE -TOP 40- STREET CHART ....... BOO by Bless-D & 'ROHAN IRIE'...Produced by Tantaria Records debuted at 28..”

“on BOO ..by Bless-D & ROHAN IRIE..(sovereign mix).this single is getting a lot of 'airplay' with several mixes.called up for service is the right honourable producer Sovereign who has brought his full arsenal of music weapons.with plucky strings & vocals.'ROHAN IRIE' also manages to fit "Neatly Into Place To Great Effect”

“Family Fortunes”