ROGET / Press

“Each song bounces along, buoyed by slick, simple melodies and a spirit of fun. It’s an album of worship, " Roget " paying homage to their heroes and enjoying every minute of it. When opener Fly Away bursts into life and starts bobbing along merrily, you can’t help but be hauled into Roget's world – it’s like they’re welcoming you at the door, thrusting a beer into your hand and inviting you to join the party. You’d have to be damned miserable to turn around and leave.”

“Punkish! A high-energy merging of simplistic punk rock, melodic reggae and good ol' late-70s pop rock, this record initially introduces ROGET as a charmingly amateurish product of the new wave movement, until the diverse 10-song document reveals that there's a lot more technical prowess lurking beneath the surface than easy-sneezies like "Demented" and "Pain" might make you think. Man alive, that sentence contained a good deal of words. Every one a winner. Every one's a winner.”

“Roget's most impressive accomplishment this year was Over and Out, the best album of their two-decade-long career. It's an expansive and thrillingly funky album about hard times that tosses in street reportage and rock uplift — as well as dashes of indie rock from guests including Nate Phillips, Monsters of Folk and members of the Seaford Allstars.”