Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers / Press

"Billboard's Top Internet Albums chart champion...is making big waves via the Web. '¡Americano!' tops the Internet tally, thanks in large part to word-of-mouth among the group's fan base, as well as heavy promotion via the band's official Web site."

Billboard Magazine

"4.5 out of 5 stars... ¡Americano! reveals Clyne and the Peacemakers on their best effort yet; they are one of the very best rock and roll bands in a tradition that currently doesn't matter to corporate radio programmers...The music they play is impure, dirty, raw, immediate and larger than life; yet it comes squarely from its center; it's timeless, eternal, lowdown and full of careless abandon and street smarts that task no one at their word but know the old truths remain for a reason.¡Americano! is one fine album; it should be played at earsplitting volume in pool halls, bowling alleys, backyard bashes and on college radio stations. It should blare from the CD players of fast cars roaring down empty highways under the stars and just before dawn. Indeed it should be savored and celebrated by those swaggering street denizens known as the rock and roll faithful as proof that the good stuff never disappears."

All-Music Guide Review

"5 Stars - gorgeous, unexpected turns of phrase are still as much in evidence as they were in Clyne's Refreshments songs - interesting, thought-provoking lyrics that might make you laugh, make you think, or just make you sing along."


"With a sonic profile that includes AltCountry, Americana, Tex-Mex, desert Folk and Southwestern-flavored Pop, the only pigeonhole Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers fit comfortably within is the one marked 'great music.'"

Cinncinnati City Beat

“Grade…A…”The new disc, Unida Cantina, the sixth one from the band, is immediately accessible and out-and-out fun.””

Red Dirt Report

"Clyne is equal parts storyteller, songwriter and singer talents that have earned him a reputation as the Bruce Springsteen of the Southwest" (review for ¡Americano!)

Asbury Park Press

“4 Stars…"They welcome you back to the party with an upbeat, Mariachi-horn-fueled rocker in which Clyne declares, "To rock and roll, we'll always be true," before hanging his catchiest hook on the optimistic refrain, "We're all over the radio."… And even the moodiest moment, "Marie," whose dark, Spaghetti Western vibe recalls Calexico's "The Black Light," makes a sing-along chorus of "Even in death, my heart waits only for thee"' (review for Unida Cantina).”

AZ Republic

“An 'A' and one of the band's best efforts...Musically, the album is the most rollicking since Clyne's Refreshments days, with standout rockers 'Andale,' 'Noisy Head' and 'Maybe We Should Fall in Love' providing the octane" (review for No More Beautiful World).”

Tampa Tribune