“Rodrigo Wilde – Sneaky Dee’s Conceived by and named after the member who introduced the band together, Rodrigo Wilde are poised to write the next chapter of rock by merging diverse elements together. Mastering a blend of musical genres and cultures, the bands sound combines adventurous rock theatricality, interesting time-signatures, and Latin flavoured touches bolstered by splashes of shimmering electronics underscored by the spectacularly golden vocals of Alex Mei. Delivering inspired energy and acknowledging the bands artistic influences, Rodrigo Wilde radiates a genuine excitement while successfully conveying the bands fusion-oriented vision. ”

“#3 Rodrigo Wilde (Trip Rock, Dance/Experimental) the Skinny: Definitely one of my favourite bands, Rodrigo Wilde takes elements from a plethora of musical genres and combines them into one awesome band. The best way to describe the sound is The Blood Brothers meets Queen; yes, it is insane. Lead singer, Alex Mei is an opera singer and barely needs a microphone, definitely a site to see. Rodrigo Wilde is currently recording their debut album, though it is hard to capture the songs as the band tends to improvise on the songs when in a live setting. Check out some live videos, and a show if you live in Toronto, while you wait for the album.”