ROD ASH / Press

“ Rod Ash the Storyteller Rod Ash brings the rhymes loud and hard. It is said that he is currently working on new music, so what he has out now will have to suffice while listeners wait for the new tunes. Rod Ash has songs that showcase what is to be expected on the upcoming album, like First 48. The production value of this song screams perfection and dedication to the craft while all the other songs I have had the chance to listen to pinpoint where Rod Ash is coming from stylistically. Rod Ash is a storyteller with a street flare. Songs like Hardtimes and Kissed By God are sentiments to the environment he grew up in and his knack for survival due to faith and working hard. Born a King will remind people of what is coming out of the Cash Money crews neck of the woods, as will Get That Cream. We Live In Evil Times is straight to the reality of our existence, and Hustle Until We Die is straight to the point of the reality Rod Ash wants to continue living.”