Rodney Massey / Press

“@ketchwillis @rodney2288 you were a blessing! Thanks so much:). Loved your music. Can't wait to see what all God does in your life. Keep in touch!:)”

KK Willis

“@jamiegraceh she said"it's not often music touches me like yours do" "I'll buy your Cd"”

Jamie Grace( 2012 CCM New Artist of the Year)

“Jamie Grace ‏@jamiegraceh @rodney2288 thanks man, good to see you again and seriously we enjoyed your music!”

Jamie Grace( 2012 CCM New Artist of the Year)

“Powerful lyrics, Love it! Your words are always so true,touching, uplifting, and teaching.”

Toni Parker-Fan

"Your song, Legacy, was great tonight!" I love the lyrics !"

Shae Haney - Fan

“Rodney - We absolutely l.o.v.e.d the songs! You are a great writer, loved all the meaning's and of course you know we connected to a lot of them.”

Toni Parker- Fan

“I know where Rodney is with the Lord. I received a blessing from him leading worship and I know that others did too. I'm thankful for what he does for us.”

trent alexander - sunrise baptist church college n career minister

“It definitely showed your heart of wanting to lead the people to connect to God and worship Him. And you did it with excellences. Look forward to having you lead again!”

j.mark perry - sunrise baptist church minister of music