Rod Fritz / Press

““As a music critic and columnist in Texas, I was thrilled to be invited to listen to Rod (FRITZ') music. Rod and his band have impressed this "hard-to-impress" critic to the max! I especially love Green Grass. Oh, who am I kidding? I love all the songs! The honesty of Rod's songwriting, heart-touching lyrics,smooth vocals, a superb band and passion in the music can only come from the heart. Anyone can relate to his songs... Now, I can't stop listening just for the amazing beauty of the music that surrounds me. Rod's talent is mezmerizingly pure magic and pure genius!” ”

Sherry Jane - Houston & Texas Country Music Examiner (Columnist), Examiner.com

“Friends I write you today because I just got finished listening to GREEN GRASS by Rod Fritz and I must say; it was a delightful experience so much so, that I had to write about it. While listening to Rod I felt the serious over tones his music but at the same time I could sense the light hearted nature of his soul in the music. It’s been a while since I have been impressed with an artist but Rod really impressed me with his beautiful guitar playing & heart felt lyrics, which made me feel good inside knowing there is still good artist making great music for the world to hear. From the first note I was hooked I enjoyed song and I also enjoy his other tracks like, SUPERMAN SONG and FU. Friends please support good artist like Rod Fritz because in today’s music industry they are being over looked and the sad part of that is; artist like Fritz may be the industry’s last hope. ”

Ridgley Makins - C.E.O., Days Of Joy Entertainment

““Rod's detail to his Music shows his passion for what he does both Lyrically and musically.. He has a great imagination and is a very talented Song writer as well as singer and I think anyone who is lucky to have heard his music or co create with him or play with him is lucky..I loves Rod's Music and his personality and talents are what make him such a talented writer and entertainer:)) His vision is amazing!””

Holly Stephey - CEO and Founder of Red Velvet Media Entertainment

““Rod is a talented musician, singer & writes songs that tell it how it is. The Global Thunda network are stoked to be able to play his music. One day I hope to share the stage with him cheers Dave””

Dave Merry - Music Promoters, Global Thunda Network

““Rod has an honest ability to compose, play and sing, along with performances that retain attention from the crowd. He is a skilled musician, that can play real music, that can touch the soul in anyone. All the Best Rod. Keep the Groove Alive.” ”

Joey TheSaxMan - REP, Stylinmusicproductions

““Rod is a talented, down to earth musician with an uncanny knack for making me smile.””

Jo Hannah Afton - Manager and President, Afton Entertainment Group LLC

““Rod creates music that combines the emotional and fun elements that makes music such a wonderful medium. With a consistency and strength in song writing and performance that is impressive I would recommend Rod Fritz to anyone who likes good music.””

Pete RingMaster, - A&R/Writer/reviewer, Reputation Media

““Rod Fritz is a very talented individual that continues to entertain people all over the world from his heart and soul. His compositions are wonderfully written and musically pleasing to me and his listening audience. He is a very hard working artists who doesn't hesitate to take his music on the road when needed. His recent trip to California was a huge success, as he was welcomed with open arms. I wish him continued success in his future endeavors!! Thank You, Frank Piombo” ”

Frank Piombo - Recording Artist, Riggy Entertainment