“The Underworld, London- 26 May 2012 Remember Rocky Shades, the man that fronted UK glam/sleaze rockers Wrathchild? Well, he's back with a vengeance with his new outfit, Wildside Riot, and he's sounding better than ever. Tonight was the band's first ever show in London and it was either going to be a resounding success or a real nightmare, simply for the fact that they were opening for a huge German band whose fans had travelled from all over Europe to ensure the gig was sold out, and said fans had been chanting in German outside the venue all day and seemed like they could be quite hostile to other bands on the bill. 10/10”

“It always bodes well for an evening’s event when the buzz of people’s anticipation envelopes you as soon as you walk through the door. With the sound of DJ Angel spinning the best glam and hair metal in the capital, it’s a bit like a welcome blast of warm air after hurrying out of the cold on a typical chilly February night in London. The event itself is the launch of ‘No Second Take’, the new album from Wildside Riot who are fronted by ex-Wrathchild singer Rocky Shades.”

“This is an album and a little comeback from a fallen Glam/Sleaze rock star from the 80's. The vocalist Rob "Rocky Shades" Berkley from Wrathchild UK, a band formed back in 1980 is back with a new line-up. Rocky Shades left Wrathchild in the end of the 80's to join Discharge with the onset of grunge and Wrathchild broke up. He started up Rocky Shades Wrathchild in 2006, but changed the name into Wildside Riot in 2010 unrelated to Wrathchild name. I've got their first album 'No Second Take' in my possession. Wildside Riot doesn't play in the usual glam/sleaze division, no this is mixed up with a little dose of trashier rock sound in some of the songs.”

“The brand new issue of AOR magazine is the shops now…”

“If you grew up in the 80’s deciding which chick on the front cover of Poisons Look What The Cat Dragged In you and your mates wanted to fuck, no doubt you’ll be familiar with Wrathchild. The sleaze metal group fronted by the charismatic Rocky Shades filled the gap between Poison and Kiss with fashion tips from Judas Priest.”

“For me personally, the highlight of the weekend was without doubt the set by Wildside Riot featuring erstwhile Wrathchild vocalist and the larger than life Godfather of glam himself, Rocky Shades. Because of the unannounced alteration to the line-up on the day, the band had to take to the stage an hour or so earlier. This seemed to have little or no detrimental effect upon the band as they sliced into their set with the determination of a marauding rhino, and despite the tiny attendance the band seemed to be having fun delivering their new material from their upcoming album. 'Wildside Riot' and 'Broken Toys' set the tone for the forty minute set of hard rocking feelgood songs, along with 'Angel On My Back' and 'Wasted Lust', and there was a definite lump in my throat when Rocky introduced the immortal 'Trash Queen', dedicating it to me and Robbie Evans, which was followed by 'My Woman' bringing the set to a pulsating and satisfying finale. Rocky Shades seems to have surrounded himself”

“Ex- Wrathchild frontman Rocky Shades is still the visual hand grenade from the 80's, you never know what is coming next and he is back with new band Wildside Riot. The early slot on a Saturday is always a difficult one, hangovers and some bruised ear canals ring around the venue. A sizable mass is gathered and man, do these guys deliver. By the end the room is full, word has got out, and the energy levels skyrocket. Bandana's, drum stick twirling and rock star poses, all the boxes are ticked, and you've gotta love it! Playing tracks from yet to be released debut album No Second Take is a ballsy move, one which pays off with the crowd lovin' every sleazy, trashy minute.”

“It´s always a risky business to review your teenage heroes´s new bands. This time it´s ex-Wrathchild singer Rocky Shades that releases his new band Wildside RIOT´s debut album. The question is, can they live up to the hopes and anticipation that I have for Rocky? After all he is “The Godfather of Glam Metal”.”

“Many of you know he was the face of local legends Wrathchild, and the self proclaimed Godfather Of UK Glam Metal, so I was curious what Rocky Shades 2013 sounded like, had he jumped on the heritage bandwagon, pissed it all away, was he to re-appear a shadow of his former Hi-Glow self ?, well, as soon as the album starts with the youthful explosion of ‘All Hail The Wasted‘ and the high octane ‘Wildside Riot‘ – where the band spell out their full manifesto – the answer is a resounding NO. Rocky is back, and with his new band of brothers is full of fight.”