Rockys Friend "T" / Press

“I listened to a few songs a moment ago. I liked your variety... including your "New Age" approach with "In Memory".”

Paul - Reverbnation

" Same high quality as the "old" material".

Rick - Facebook

“Hey great music! Keep grindin n turning out the amazing tunes and youll move up.”

Psy 9 - Reverbnation

“Hell....I didn't even know you played any instrument ..... I was blown away .... this material is really good !”

Robert - Face Book

"I got to say it - pretty damn good! I really like the beat."

Rick - Facebook

“Love, love, love "All Funked Up" !”

Teresa - Facebook

“Hard to say really which piece of music is the best ... I love all of them.”

Friend in Isreal - Face Book

“Digging all the tracks on the weekend ...good stuff...”

Patrick - Face Book

“Love H3 Motivated!!!!”

Teresa - Facebook

“It's amazing how you do that all on your own, you are very talented!”

Erin - Facebook

“Nice stuff!”

Cheryl Lynn - Face Book

“Maybe you should consider making music more than just a hobby and go pro. The new material is really good!”

Friend - G-mail

"Heather's Sky is amazing." - Listener in NZ.

Yahoo Mail

"It's a really great song."

Linda - Facebook

“Plaudits. I enjoyed them especially Heather's Sky.”

Friend - Yahoo Mail

“Thanks. Love all of your songs!”

Teresa - Facebook

“Your music sounds great! Think you should get Meg to record some lyrics for you!”

Amanda - Facebook