Rockwila / Press

“Rockwila shows a lot of potential on his L7 EP, and in the future, it will be interesting to see what the Kansas City resident comes up with on a full-length album.”

Alex Henderson - Review You

“Rockwila does things on his own individualistic terms, favoring an approach that is loud and aggressive but intelligent and never thuggish just for the sake of being thuggish.”

Alex Henderson - Review You

“In a rap world full of fake gangsters and pretending players, the L7 EP is certainly a welcome change of pace.”

Jason Randall Smith - Review You

“He could be seen as the place where the humor of The Fresh Prince and the ferocious delivery of Eminem intersect.”

“Too hardcore to be nerdcore while bearing a distinct lyrical difference from his contemporaries, Rockwila is hip-hop’s Clark Kent, masquerading as an IT technician by day only to transform into a microphone fiend once the sun goes down.”