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Robbi Spencer's Life Story - According to those who know him....

Robbi Spencer was a child with a lot of special dreams and ideas. He would invent things and build things and somehow make people happy. Though as a youngster, his bridges were built with rocks and sticks, someday that would be built with concrete and steel. Not knowing what great things lie ahead, Robbi spent his time dreaming and designing the world of his future. As time passed Robbi learned many things from his parents, friends, and people he met from day to day. All of these things built a foundation that he could rest his ideas upon. Robbi began at a very early age developing a relationship with our Creator. As he grew, he learned of spiritual values and he gained wisdom through the years that would help him become a mighty force that God could use, even in spite of himself! As a youngster, growing up in Sacramento, California, Robbi's development was accelerated by the fast paced environment of the big city. Together with his two sisters, Robbi grew up in a good home where both his parents had good jobs and his Grandparents lived with them and took care of them when they were their parents were at work.

Robbi began spending his summers in Jamaica with his father. There he learned about the basics and rudiments of music from his Uncle Don (Ervin Spencer) and the locals in Kingston and Lawrence Tavern. The music of the islands is quite different from that of music from the US, but it was a great spawning ground for musical ideas in Robbi's head. Before he even played a note, he could see and hear music. On his first trip to Jamaica, his father's friend gave Robbi his first acoustic guitar and he would sit on the beach in Kingston Bay, playing that guitar.

Robbi began taking piano lesson on a regular basis. This was the beginning and foundation of Robbi's musical journey! Though learning the piano was extremely difficult and frustrating for Robbi, he continued to take lessons and perform at piano recitals for four years. Robbi was nervous performing in front of people and still is somewhat to this day, though you would never know it.

Robbi graduated from High School two years early and moved away from home. He lived there and went to school at Sierra College, where he studied music and computer science. Robbi started a band, The Spencer Hectic Group, where he played progressive rock music at parties and outdoor events. Robbi jammed with several other bands during this time, like Tyrant (Reinkus Tide).

In 1989, Producer Robbi Spencer started the very first Full-Service Christian Record Label with a plush fully-automated recording studio on Madison Avenue in Sacramento. It was the beginning of Lost Sheep Records and Lost Sheep Publishing. Robbi hosted a weekly Radio Show called "The Lost Sheep Radio Hour" every Friday evening from 5pm to 6pm on KFIA radio. Lost Sheep Publishing was the primary music publisher for all of Robbi Spencer's original music, as well as some of the other artists that were signed to the Lost Sheep Records label. Robbi loved the Spirit Endeavors band!

In 1993, Robbi began playing with a rock group named Tangent. Working with Ray Torres, Robbi began writing new music that was not only thought provoking, but inspiring. Tangent opened for bands like The Tubes and Greg Kihn and Tesla. About a year and a half into it, Robbi struck a deal with PureMetal Records and set out on his own to find his own identity and getting his hit song "Thrashin' Your Car!" out there to the public through mainstream radio!

In 1997, Robbi was signed to Progressive Edge Records and things really took off from there. Up to this point all of the music that Robbi had written was a learning experience and the journey to get to this point was amazing! Amazing people, great times, finally realizing that it was all about JESUS, so all of the searching for the answer were over at this point and the true magic began at that moment.

In 2011, Robbi married recording artist Shirl Spencer and signed her to Progressive Edge Records, which Robbi was now CEO of. SE grew to be one big happy family and over time SE has gained quite a membership to it's Private V.I.P. Recording Club. The Rock Factory was later opened at the SE complex in Northern California.

From 2012 to 2015, Robbi and Shirl ran SE Studios and Progressive Edge Records with very little, if any help at all. Robbi knows how to raise money when needed and being a successful businessman and up and coming Record Mogul, Robbi Spencer decided to ramp things up and open multiple divisions of Secret Enterprise or SE as it would be known as to the world. Shirl released tons of music on the Progressive Edge Records, while husband and producer Robbi Spencer branched out into areas of media like Film and Video. Robbi always had an eye for detail and was no stranger to running a video camera, but his true strength was found when Robbi stepped into the Editing Suite at SE Studios and began cutting together amazing productions!

2016 rolls up and Robbi, Shirl and SE continue to do amazing things at SE Studios in Grass Valley, California! There is so much music to be made and it will be made at SE, where all of these chosen individuals have been truly called to congregate and do this work. Life goes on for the ones who choose to live it and there is literally nothing that can stop the flow of Digital Content that will come out of SE through the various sites. Your support is very important to the undercover ministry that the Spencer's have so graciously taken upon themselves... Please take a few minutes to pray for Robbi & Shirl's ministry, that God will keep the blessings flowing to the ones who really need it the most. We live in a really crazy world and there are countless people who live in total misery, without JESUS or HOPE and are completely alone and WE CAN HELP THEM! God Bless all of you!

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Marty DeAngelo

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