Rock Mecca / Press

"One Man Gang" finds an ambitious Rock Mecca spitting aggressive, metaphor-heavy bars that prove he's someone to look out for and he won't stop fighting for his place on top. Dope track!..If these first songs are what the rest of Ironworld will sound like, then you better keep your eyes and ears open for that release.

“W.A.S.C (Rebel Anthem) is the anthem to blast in your car and to turn all the way up in your headphones, a surefire rebel’s anthem. The track has already started to cause commotion with DJS and industry insiders, and eyes are now beginning to turn to the Queens rapper as one to watch this year. Make sure to download, share, like, tweet and re-tweet, and spread the word about what is sure to be an incredible project from Rock Mecca. The hard hitting beat, the sharp cuts and the vicious lyricism make this track an instant head nodder and fan favorite. “W.A.S.C.””

“Check out this banging new track from Queens, NY representative Rock Mecca. "Gangsta Boogie" is just one of the many sick joints on Rock Mecca's debut album "Pirate Radio Star". Trust me when I say that you should cop this album now on Bandcamp.”

“If I had to pin down his flow, I'd call it a cross between the lisp of Kool G. Rap and the octave of Cormega, taking the distinctive characteristics of both without becoming a rip-off of either one. Although he's got the swagger of a street entrepeneur, he's also got the intellect of a hustler turned CEO like Jay-Z”

“I'm excited for this cat.. he's talented and crafts songs well....Be on the lookout for that new LP!”

“The gritty visuals that the talented new artist puts forth here show his real promise as a future name to watch, and personally it's refreshing to hear a new cat outta NYC that doesn't have a problem being himself..."New York Noise" is one of those tracks that you'll listen to more than once and be able to pick out new things every time...”

“Rock Mecca is a new up-and-coming emcee hailing from Queens, New York. Mecca is currently preparing his debut album "Pirate Radio Star", building up his hype via ill singles and if you ask me he's worth keeping an eye on. Judging by the two singles below, his love for vintage and gritty East Coast hip-hop shines through while he's also making a point of maintain his own identity.”

“This is my most suggested track of the day easy; Rock Mecca kills his track entitled Top Of The World”

“Rock Mecca just blessed us with the third single from his debut album, Pirate Radio Star...Mecca is bringing that rough, rugged and raw brand of Hip-Hop back with this one! ”

“Rock Mecca dropped off a pretty smooth track. This song reminds me of, riding around in NYC.”

“Who are some of your favorite local artists? As in local here in New York, not too many. Everyone sounds the same & it’s kinda boring to me. I’m a pretty cynical prick when it comes to rappers, I’m usually more impressed with up & coming cats when I am traveling around the country. But I have had the pleasure of working with or sharing a stage with some dope cats in NYC like Bubble Geese, Rock Mecca, Des Letemps, DXA, Mic Handz, Boombox, etc. I’m sure I’m forgetting some people.”