Rocket 88 / Press

““Seems a time bomb exploded in Orlando, Florida, sending the members of Rocket 88 back into the ’50’s, when rock was truly rousing and Dick Clark was really young. Stand-up bass, snare drum and a hollow-body rockabilly guitar set a shakin’ stage for vocalist Michael Bales’ hipped-up, rebel/lover postures, which owe as much to Lux Interior as Eddie Cochran.””

Southeastern Music Conference

““If you dig rockabilly and love a good show, Rocket 88 is Orlando’s best. Their exhilarating energy and sound makes them one band that should not be missed. ””

City Limits Magazine

““Rocket 88 puts on a fiery stage show, replete with upright bass gymnastics, shiny jackets, snakeskin pants and guitar slinging. Their sound takes vintage rockabilly into outer space, with wigged-out B-movie themes that owes more to the Cramps than Gene Vincent.””

Orlando Sentinel

““Rug-cuttin’, beer-swillin’, table-dancin’, chain-smokin’, rube-punchin’, skirt-chasin’, heel-stompin’, tire-squealin’, hip-shakin’, arm-raisin’, shot-sluggin’, premise-evictin’, sweat-pourin’, girlfriend-stealin’, shake-sippin’, bar-burnin’ (an accident, I’m sure), turkey-slappin’, drag-racin’, toe-tappin’, crazy-soundin’, rockabilly greatness.””

Ink Nineteen

““Take the range of Jerry Lee Lewis, the smoothness of the King, and the hip reinvention of the Stray Cats and you’ve got their bee-bop sound down.””

Orlando Weekly

““The spirit of the late ‘50’s is what these rockabilly purists are all about and Rocket 88 serves it up with swagger and style.””

Alternative Press - Alternative Press

““You boys are the best band I’ve seen in years!””

Jerry Lee Lewis - Straight from the Killer’s mouth following Rocket 88’s performance with him

“ "Gene Vincent-inspired rave-up rockabilly with the wardrobe and mile-high pompadours to match. Toe-tappin', fingersnappin', hand-clappin', don't-let-me-catch-you-nappin' rockabilly, dressed to the nines and ready to rock."”

Focus Entertainment Magazine