Rock City Morgue / Press

“Slave’s always had one of those great punk voices—not pretty, a little snotty, and loaded with personality. He’s in fine form here, and while the gothic vocabulary remains, his lyrics are rarely gothic. “Grave” in the title “Grave Mistake” gives the song a thematic link to what’s gone before, but the song’s not about graves. And the song that most loans itself to a horror movie reading—“Creepin’ in the Dark”— brings fear to the world most of us live in, suggesting that the creeper is a thug or robber instead of something with an atom brain”

“Rock City Morgue-Some Ghouls EP "This is a short but sweet CD of tasty glam-rock inspired stuff. Unlike other groups on this label, it's not as horror-obsessed. The cover is an excellent parody of Some Girls by the Rolling Stones, and they cover "Shattered," one of the few good songs on that record. Produced by Daniel Rey, this is typical of his production style: hard, heavy and loud. The songs are good, hook-laden rockers, especially "Falling Apart" which has a chorus that just grabs you by the balls. Most enjoyable! " ”