Rochelle Smith / Press

"Rochelle is a singer/songwriter whose music is an intoxicating combination of structural complexity and spine-tingling pathos."

“Received your song, Rochelle - very effective and evocative. Will be a great addition to the show.”

"We have had the pleasure of hiring several local very talented artists and we recommend these ones: Rochelle Smith- catch her at local venues for a treat! Her blend of vocals and guitar are a beautiful mixture."

Ro Parker - BSU Cultural Center newsletter

“*Rochelle Smith-2007 "Idaho Women Making History" Award Winner* There is something almost hypnotically soothing about Rochelle, the calming effect she has on people. She is a role model for many, skilled in running a sound board, producing music, and writing and announcing commercials.”

Crystal Young - Idaho Statesman, Women Making History

“Rochelle Smith played a quality set on her acoustic guitar and loves performing for students on the BSU campus, as evidenced by her repeated visits. Smith entertained the onlookers with her combination of original tunes and covers, including a top-notch reproduction of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide."”

BSU Arbiter

"Rochelle Smith performed to college kids sprinkled with representatives from every strata of life. She showed excellent musicianship, precise angelic vocals mixed with a pervasive and relaxing aura. You really have to check her out, it's excellent hang-out music that is aesthetically pleasing."

Scott Rittenhouse - Library Coffeehouse