Rochelle House / Press

“Knowing, emotionally engaging vocals from an under-recognized jewel of Seattle jazz. Her recent, debut album, Dreams of Love , breathed life into jazz-vocal conventions. Her singing is not flashy, but it is shot through with qualities that support the tales she sings, where love may be a temporary illusion; or, as in Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Agua de beber," where love desired is unattainable… She may express the fragility of attachment, loss, or longing. She may say much by leaving much unsaid. Her voice is drenched in knowing, disappointed hope. And much else about her singing is of a high order of emotional engagement and communication.”

Peter Monaghan - Earshot Jazz Festival Magazine 2006

“House is present for her music, not as an accompaniment or conveyance of formulas and conventions, but as a spirit who inheres and vivifies forms and expectations. -Earshot Jazz Magazine-May 2006”

“A broad emotional palette, capable of expressing tenderness and acceptance and disarming openheartedness, undergird this winning disc (WATER), a front runner, for this year’s Northwest best album of the year. ”