Rob Swanson / Press

"This song (Oh No!) and arrangement was instantly one of my all-time favorites from the first time I heard it!!!...It's addictive!!!

Mario Novelli of The PondHawks - facebook

"Great songs with a healthy dose of humour and irony. Currently hugely enjoying I Guess I Wish. Superb combination of a seemingly jolly tune with a barbed lyric.

Last Day On Earth - reverbnation

"Excellent work, unique sound and attitude. Love the Oh NO! track. Trippy. Well done across the board.

Howard Lawrence - reverbnation

"Thats why I love your music: It's impressive, it has great sounds and catchy hooks.

Pyjama Devil - reverbnation

“So this is Tabernash-powerful songs coming out of the mile high city from you my friend!”

Route 64 - reverbnation

"Oh No is awesome i love it its strange and quirky. Vocals are killler man

Catfish Cheese - reverbnation

“I like this version better than the original. Nice job, on all the instruments, its very intricate, and full of seasonal reliability, You sound like a very humble narrator. I feel that its a fitting song providing the economic climate. Very well done. God Bless you Merry gentleman! ”

Josh MacCurdy, consultant, booking asssistant at Quixote's True Blue - facebook.com

“Just Shoot- Another brilliant Rob Swanson musical creation... Love the juxtaposition of dgii-bass and old-school western movie... Slick lyrics, too... ”

Mario Novelli from The PondHawks - facebook.com

“The thing I love about Rob's music is it's diversity and creativity. Everything is always new and fresh and this song is certainly no exception. Please give a listen, won't you? If you like it, and I know you will, will you please click the link then click the Like button. - Love To All, Trabue”

" I like that your songs have a dream like quality... makes you sort of drift off with them... like thistle down"

Robin Ap Clericus - Shock Pop Radio