Rob Stokes / Press

“How can you summarize such talent? Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Paul Gilbert & BB King all wrapped up into a soul-filled aural experience that is impossible to comprehend upon your first listen.”

“Shuffle Off To Buffalo is the most incredible guitar piece I've ever heard. The main melody is so catchy, and the parts past a minute are the fastest I've ever heard from any guitarist ever. Mindboggling.”

“RockSource360.com Welcome Rob Stokes! Hey Everyone!! There are accidents, fate, and pre-planned cataclysmic events in this world...ROB STOKES FITS ALL THREE!! ... THEN I listened to his music and was BLOWN away! I e-mailed back after the first track and wanted to know when he wanted to do an interview! With that said...Rob Stokes is making his way onto RS360! He's earned it! The most impressive thing to me...he didn't start playing until he was 19!! INTERVIEW IS UP...CHECK OUT RockSourceRadio!!”