Robots And Racecars / Press

“ Guys like this are the reason real music still exists ”

“For starters, these guys can harmonize. They have found a perfect way to accent and compliment the nuances found in each of their voices. Secondly, R&R is full-tilt pumped in reaching out to those looking for the music they produce. Not a band to be found sitting on their laurels, these guys work the social network. They understand the importance of being front and center for their audience and they find ingenious ways to do it. Additionally, they score some absolutely amazing music! With the lyrics, the melodies, and the strong instrumentals that back their powerful voices, one is taken away to those heady thoughts, wistful memories, and yearnings for more that rustle around in each of us.”

“Seeing Robots and Racecars at one of their shows is part of the experience. They have great sense of the stage and showmanship...They play for the love of music; a rare trait to find in a band.”

“They call themselves "power pop" but let's be honest: these are five guys who know how to write a catchy song. Try not to tap your foot or bounce your head to their music, I dare you.”

“Robots And Racecars have a precocious repertoire and a gnarly attitude, accented by their own grizzly rock and roll sound”

“They have a pretty damn unique sort of sound that I think will catch on with today's music fans. The effort they put into this album really shows up. I hear a hard-working band that actually has a sense of humor.”

Somethingpunk.com - Robots and Racecars- We Can't All Be Astronauts

“By definition, Robots and Racecars are more than meets the eye, and have taken the Lower Bucks rock scene by storm with goof-ball stage antics and radio-ready indie harmonies.”

Staff - Trentonian: Star screamers: Bucks band is ready to explode

“Robots and Racecars are very comfortable with their style is one thing that makes them enjoyable to listen to. If you want to listen to old-school pop punk with a twist, take a listen. ”