ROB LEAR / Press

"Rob Lear is an artist with undoubted quality, which shines throughout the quirky and creative pop-rock tones. This is backed up in the skilful ability to write likeable, catchy and bouncy tunes that make you sit up and smile and want to hum along. new track ‘A Million Stars’ is a laid back and relaxing tune with fantastic rhythm and melody. There is an awe-inspiring air following Rob around because of the exemplary standard set in the ability to create such simple yet mind-bending songs. “It’s more about enjoying and exploring the fact that I can make music” Rob Lear is still a refreshing talent, and showcases his continued dedication through a brand new mini-album called ‘A Million Stars’, which also includes the floaty and adventurous Beautiful Face, and the surreal ‘Heaven Help’ which just grows and grows. It’s a great record. Rob Lear is an artist you just have to go see, have a pint, and let the music wash all your worries away"..Plugged in magazine June'10

Plugged in