Robin Roberts & Billie Preston / Press

“We had Robin and Billie give a house concert at our house for my 70th birthday party. We have always really enjoyed their music, and the concert was every bit the treat we expected. Though we did not anticipate it, the music also set a very nice tone for the guests, who all seemed very much at ease, with lots of good conversation afterwards. We received many complimentary comments about both the concert and the party overall.”

House Concert host

“Songwriters are often overlooked. Sure, a few like Dylan, Springsteen, Carole King or John Prine get “discovered” and go on to become big stars. But most of them toil in relative anonymity. You’ll find them at small clubs, coffeehouses or in festival camps, doing what they love. We’re fortunate to have one of the best right here in Robin Roberts.”

“Re: "Fall of the Wall LIVE": Your song touched my soul, because i was born in the GDR and as the wall fell i felt me real free the first time in my life… thank you for your song.””

A Fan in Munich - Jango Inbox

“This album promises a feel good kind of vibe. Listen to it after the rain and it will surely sooth your nerves and at the same time make you pay attention to the instruments use in this recording. You get to hear harmonica, acoustic guitars and female vocals harmonizing with the male lead. Although Country Music might not appeal to all but when you really listen and realize that even if you don't like the style, you got to admire the craft then all's well. We hear hear a banjo on Afraid. The sound production is crisp and clear. It has that kind of brittle clarity but this is ok since it highlights the other instruments like fiddles in the background. Those who love Irish country music and Bluegrass will embrace the sound of Pay-Day Motors. Expect only the best in musicians who have ripened in their craft. Like I said, even if you don't like the style you can't ignore the beauty of the craft. And yes after repeated listens it will grow on you. But as for me, it has already grown on me”

“Billie Preston-Fredholm has been playing guitar since she was seven. Taught by her older sister, she quickly became a devotee of folk music. Later, she became interested in choral music and before long the two merged in a style that she practices to this day. Since 2008 she has performed as one half of a duo with Robin Roberts. In 2010 the pair released a CD called Pay-Day Motors. Preston (the name under which she performs) teaches voice and piano at Senseney Music in Wichita and is also a cantor and choir member at St. Mary’s Cathedral.”

“Their unique instrumentation and quality vocals were mesmerizing and I actually lost track of the time. I would book these two again in a heartbeat and recommend them to anyone that wants to host them at their home. It will live on in the memories for all your guests for years to come.”

“Lyrics are superb. The compositions are wonderful - an unexpected musical journey filled with an emotional listening experience at times. Evokes the kind of bittersweet emotions you almost forgot you had. The performances flow so naturally they seem composed. Melodic and rythmic. --Sailor-- A wonderful piece of work, diverse yet all of one mind at the same time. Perfect harmony. Your pieces are technically well executed and appeal on a variety of levels. I am not sure if the chief attraction is not the music, but the words. Yet neither overpowers the other. I think it is a marriage of text and music . You have virtuosic technique and musical elegant artistry. I love your work. Deserves many re-listens.”

“American roots music at its best.Good luck ya'll”

"I think of Robin Roberts as the Randy Newman of the Midwest."

“Pay Day Motors is an atmospheric and sensitive newfolkplaat, which harks back to the roots of American folk and country blues.”