Robin Lore / Press

“'The guitar work was on point, and Lore’s vocals have an emotive, raspy quality that draws you in. Lore writes songs about relationships and life experiences. She grew up in New York, then moved to California, then toured the country for nine months. She kept going through Dallas and it grew on her, so when the tour was over, she came back to stay."”

“Robin Lore is a solo singer/songwriter who currently resides in Dallas, Texas. Robin grew up in NY but it was not until she moved to Massachusetts that she developed her style of music. Robin has one of the most unique & engaging voices out there. We were blown away at her range after listening to her track, “I Don’t Know Why.” After hearing this track it is quite obvious that Robin is the real deal. The hook and song structure is perfect. In 2008, Robin was the winner of the Orange County Music Awards for Best Live Female performer. We have yet to see Robin live but we can just picture being in a crowded venue drinking beer or espresso and listening to her sing. Her new CD, ‘Fickle Girl’ is out now. You should also check out the lead single “Fickle Girl.” It is a live recording and just like Robin, you can enjoy her music anywhere. After turning her off, you can still hear her contagious voice in your head. That is a good thing!”