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“The CD (Modern Classic) really is a beautiful accomplishment. Duke makes people sound great, but they need to come to the table with something special. You should be very proud.”

““Speaking of the sounds of the American Songbook era, Toronto's Robin Banks is a wonderful jazz/blues stylist, as demonstrated on her fifth album, *Modern Classic*. Think Billie Holiday, Etta James, Dinah Washington, Peggy Lee, or Nina Simone. There's one major difference between Robin and her forbearers—she writes all her own autobiographical songs. On top of that, she's supported by the legendary Duke Robillard and the Roomful of Blues horns.””

Dave White Presents

“Leave it to Duke Robillard to dig through the wilds of Canada to find a white blues/R&B singer with a name like Robin Banks. All as priceless as the sounds within. The best easy rolling Muscle Shoals sounds since the original crew took off for other pastures, everyone here can take a deep waist bow for creating sounds that Americana should sound like. A winner throughout.”

“Pt 3. In short, Modern Classic is another sophisticated example of the new interest in bringing back the stylings of the American Songbook as demonstrated by recent albums from Joe Jackson andRod Stewart. The main difference between Modern Classic and such albums is that Banks is not only a skilled songstress, she also excels at autobiographical songwriting. She wrote every track on Modern Classic. This continues her compositional work from her four previous collections,Permanent Record (1997), Honestly (2000), Live After Dark (2001), and Livin' Life (2010). Collectively, these releases show the evolution of a performer who's toured Europe extensively and called Texas, Jamaica, and Canada home. So while her latest album might capture the sounds of a bygone musical era, her stories are her own. And the odds are, despite the hyperbolic title, Modern Classic should be regarded as just that and is likely to appear on many a best-of-2014 list. After all, modern classics are few and far betw”

“Pt 2. If you want the sho' nuff blues, there's the jumping "You Boogie Too Fast for Me" and "Bite Your Tongue" where the 51-year-old singer advises a potential lover, "you're too young for me." But the rest of the set takes us back to the tradition of Peggy Lee, Abbey Lincoln, Nina Simone, and Sarah Vaughan blended with the sort of West Coast jazz where a guitarist like Wes Montgomery might stop by with some smooth, fluid licks. (It's Robillard who channels such players on Modern Classic.) For example, there's the syncopated "Superhero" and the skatty "Really Dig You" featuring Bruce Bears tickling the ivories and Doug James and Mark Earley on sax. There's the upbeat, good-time "Crazy," the track selected as the first single. There's the sexy, smoldering "My Baby Loves Me" punctuated by a soft muted trumpet (courtesy of Doug Woolverton), the bossa nova-flavored "A Little Bit of Heaven," and the swinging "Tonight" with a spotlight on bass player Brad Hallen. Drummer Mark Teixeira”

“Pt 1. Toronto-based songstress Robin Banks (often billed as Miss Robin Banks to distinguish her from other folks with that name) is usually categorized as a blues singer. She's been compared to the likes of Etta James and Dinah Washington. Those who know the current blues scene will notice that Banks' new album Modern Classic was produced by the ubiquitous Duke Robillard in Rhode Island, and features his band, along with the Roomful of Blues horns. But most listeners hearing Modern Classic are more likely to think jazz more than what they might associate with the Chicago or Memphis styles of the blues. True, the opening track, "A Man Is Just a Man," evokes the early rock 'n' roll of the Brenda Lee and Wanda Jackson variety. "I'll Meet You There" is pure '60s Memphis soul. The slow ballad "A Place in the City" is a reminder of the days when record stores stocked racks of Country and Western vinyl LPs. Cont.”

"Robin kept more musicians gigging in Dallas than any booking agent could ever do! Reason is? People just loved her! Sounds to me that she just keeps growing as a singer! Proud to say I was there"

Rhandy Simmons - Facebook

"Robin Banks is one of the top 20 female voices in Canada"

Virgil Scott - Facebook

"Robin's got soul, class and most of all good taste!"

Duke Robillard - Facebook

"Robin Banks is Canada's first lady of the Blues! She has an electrifying presence and one of the best Blues Bands in the country" "She's a pro's pro!"

Mike Fitzpatrick drummer for the Downchild Blues Band

"I've known Robin since Grade 9. She has the quintessential pure artistic soul. She doesn't just sing; she has to sing. It's organic. It's a calling. It's a part of her DNA, an algorithmic self-assembly she demonstrates each time she picks up a microphone. I'm so proud of her evolution and proud to call her a friend."

Paula Habas - Facebook

"Robin sings with a simple coolness that can break your heart and still make you beg for more. She is absolutely my favorite blues singer"

Teddy Leonard Guitarist for Fathead

“ You never forget your first time you hear her, mine was at brunch with the obligatory live music, but when robin banks opened her mouth, my head twirled. I knew this was different - special - soulful - connected. Robin hits the notes, the feeling, the emotion, and you can feel the jazz greats channeling through her, to keep the sound alive . . . and she does!”

Seveen Jaja - Facebook

"Robin Bank$ is the real deal, playing in her world class band is a joy"

Gary Kendall bassist Downchild Blues Band

“Although her timbre is light, Banks’ pitch is fine, and she adjusts her delivery to fit the song, whether it’s the not-so-subtle come-hither call “I Just Want My Legs Around You” or “Cocktail or Beer”, an airy confection that lyrically echoes the song craft of Cole Porter and the Gershwins, Banks is downright sultry trading lines with Dozzler on the exotic “No More” and, backed by electric piano on the funky, upbeat “Livin’ Life”, sexy and self assured. When she’s really feeling it, as on the party-anthem boogie “Everybody Let’s Dance”, Banks sounds very much like Marcia Ball.”

Tom Hyslop - Blues Revue Magazine

"Canadian jazz singer Robin Banks, who performed only reggae songs in her set, offered an insight into her undeniable class. After initially connecting with her song Why? a tribute to Negril resident, the late Mikey Hill, who was killed in a controversial police shooting, she simply exploded. It was all vocal styling of the highest order as Banks unleashed covers of Bob Marley's Waiting In Vain and Stir It Up; and Barrington Levy's Too Experienced, among other popular Jamaican classics."

Jamaica Gleaner

“That band did everything. Swing, funk, blues(all kinds), rock and roll, jazz. Whatever the song needed. And if it was swing, it swung! If it was funk, it was funky. etc. Plus your singing was the catalyst. You always called the perfect tunes at the perfect time. You always counted them off a little different from night to night. All of the tunes felt different from night to night. It never got old. Of course my favorite RB$ performance was in Tyler TX at the VFW. When I challenged you to get that crowd going. And you DID! Lol! You did that thing with the chair. Priceless!”

Kevin Schermerhorn - Facebook

"Your music, makes feel like you are singing directly to me" - Myke Wright, Roanoke Virginia USA

A fan listening to RB$ music on this web site for the first time.

“Flow Jamaica Celebrity Promo”

“Robin Banks - Jamaica Jazz and Blues 2010 Mainstage”

“Americas most exciting female Blues entertainer”

"Such a personality blues fans all over like to close into their hearts"

"She jumped from the Banana Peel 'stage' and sang on and on amongst the audience, of course without mike, which she clearly didn’t need"

"a Robin Bank$ who frankly speaks her mind and teases the audience with her slightly daring humor, a Robin Bank$ who’s doing her thing with unmistakable poise and loads of vitality. And she does that ‘thing’ damn good: as a singer she is well aware of her possibilities. She gets the most out of what she’s really able to do, and that's quite a bit. You don’t know what to admire most: her honesty or her professionalism"

"You're the real deal and I do appreciate it"

“International performing and recording artist specializing in Blues, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk and Reggae. Winner of the 1997 Maple Blues Award for New Artist of the Year. Miss Banks transplanted herself in Dallas Texas in 1999 where she became a known and respected vocalist and band leader. ”


“Heres my favorite female singer Miss Robin Banks , went out last nite to Pearl for some Live Texas Blues , I know you Kats will love this !!! Here she is !!! ”

“Last Friday night the blues came from Negril, Westmoreland, to RedBones the Blues Café, Braemar Avenue, New Kingston, with attitude, a few glasses of wine, great sense of humour and a black dress”

“Consul at the Jamaican Consulate General in Toronto, Nigel Smith (left), with Canadian blues singer, Robin Banks; Area Sales Manager at Air Jamaica, Norma Sale; festival producer from Turnkey Productions, Walter Elmore...”