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"Rob Garcia manages to keep a toe in tradition while remaining experimental." "Garcia's music seems fresh every time you hear it, with previously unheard nuances coming to the fore." "Garcia's writing strikes a delicate balance, making a contemporary jazz album that is enjoyable and virtuosic. The ensemble is tight, talented and clearly knows how to play well together." -The Examiner

The Examiner

"Foxy!" -Jazz Weekly

Jazz Weekly

"masterly crafted album" - Jazz da Gama

Jazz da Gama

"adventurous yet approachable postbop" -Time Out New York

Time Out New York

"…when listeners begin to decipher the group's stylistic dialect - an adventurous blend of traditional and free-jazz elements - more than a few moments of intense pleasure await." -JAZZIZ Magazine

JAZZIZ Magazine

"INTENSE drummer" -Winnipeg Free Press

Winnipeg Free Press

"The Passion of Color is popping from the opener" "The music is Modern Jazz with lots of passion" "Play the CD more than once and you'll find different things to embrace each time." -O's Place Jazz

O's Place Jazz

"a nine-song jazz extravaganza that your ears won’t soon forget." "Rob and crew get a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from my ears, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99." -Rotcod Zzaj

Rotcod Zzaj

“5 Star review (The Passion Of Color): Schweiz am Sonntag, 6-29-14”

Schweiz am Sonntag

"Drummer, composer, bandleader and in-demand sideman Rob Garcia is one of the shining stars at Brooklyn Underground Jazz Records" "Continuing in the long line of jazz musicians who have molded and revitalized modern jazz from behind a drum kit, The Passion of Color is Rob Garcia at his best. With plenty of top-shelf support from Tepfer, Martin and Preminger, The Passion of Color is more than just an above-average jazz record." -Something Else Reviews

Something Else Reviews

"…this is a true band and a collective sense of one-ness is heard…" -NYC Jazz Record

NYC Jazz Record

"There are drummers who keep time and there are drummers who make you listen, whose shifting rhythms, exhilarating time feel and inventiveness make the music dance. Rob Garcia is one such drummer…" -NYC Jazz Record

NYC Jazz Record

““an engrossing listen that seers the senses.” - Downbeat”


““Garcia is a drummer of invention, grace and considerable fire.” - Downbeat ”


““remarkable drummer” - Village Voice”

Village Voice

““the Rob Garcia 4 is most definitely the truth.” - Nippertown”


““…one of New York’s great jazz drummers - and composers.” - Capital New York”

“5 Stars in JazzReview.com (for The Drop and the Ocean - Rob Garcia 4)”


““A prime mover in the current Brooklyn jazz scene…” - Time Out-New York”

Time Out-New York

““Perennial”(Rob Garcia 4) was named one of "The 10 Best Jazz Albums of 2009" in the New York Observer.”

New York Observer

““Creativity that is off the chart!” - JazzReview.com”


““…an elastic, adventurous statement from the drummer Rob Garcia." - New York Times”

New York Times

““Rob Garcia has over the last decade has been one of the most notable composers and drummers in the Brooklyn jazz scene.” - Gaffa (Denmark)(english translation)”

Gaffa (Denmark)

““Thoughtful original music delivered with rare conviction.” - Jazz Times”

Jazz Times

“5 Stars in Aargauer Zeitung (Switzerland) (for The Drop and the Ocean - Rob Garcia 4)”

Aargauer Zeitung

"The Rob Garcia 4 is fast becoming one of the city’s finest modern ensembles," - Capital New York

Capital New York

"…a 4tet that will be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come." - Digital Jazz News

Digital Jazz News

"an adventurous drummer/composer with an elastic, resilient sense of time," - Hartford Courant

Hartford Courant