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"Hi Robert - really enjoyed the song, some wonderful orchestration going on, and a very strong song too! Love your voice, I hope you achieve all you want with your music!! Very best wishes, Dec Burke"

“Peer Review of Mirror Mirror: "it's good stuff, definitely proggy but with a catchy/accessible feel. The interesting thing I felt about it was that I find it hard to find direct comparisons with other bands. It's quite "familiar" prog, yet not really like any particular prog bands. Several times I thought the vocals sounded a bit Greg Lake / Peter Hammill. Nice composition, good balanced arrangement to the track."”

Neil Durant, keyboardist for IQ - Facebook - IQ band page

“A Fine Line Between… is an album that knows no boundaries in what relates to style, as its musical aesthetics never stand still on a particular genre. The music is melodious but in a complex way, always challenging the listener to accompany the directions it surprisingly takes...a great creation of modern progressive music with a deep respect for the legendary vintage bands. A work of art!”

“A Fine Line Between ... is neo prog but contemporary... (the song) Temple Of Lost Souls is the major piece on this album, featuring pieces of the legendary speech from Barack Obama, (which) is perfectly mixed into the song, but I can say that for all elements in Robert Svilpa's music. All tunes are very accessible - the songs are very well constructed (its obvious) Robert Svilpa is a good song writer... (the material is) neo progressive rock incorporating many traditional prog aspects without sounding old fashioned. Robert Svilpa very nicely combines elements from well known symphonic bands (with) songs that are accessible, without becoming too predictable... (overall) this album will be a good addition to your collection. DPRP Recommended!!”

"a fine line between..." is an excellent new album that caught this reviewer totally by surprise. Progressive rock with elements of neo, symphonic and pop that comes together remarkably well, very listenable & full of melodies... Do yourself a favour & check it out. You will not be disappointed.

“Robert Svilpa and his band have created some great memorable music on A Fine Line Between… a very recommendable to fans of the more melodic side of progressive rock genre. This is an album that could sit side by side new releases by Porcupine Tree, IQ and many others.”

“...an eclectic mix of styles & influences from classic prog to 'lounge' jazz. Pentelho Vermelho is a brilliant piece of classic prog. The Sound Of Thoughts is a good album & one well worth getting.”

“The Sound Of Thoughts features some very strong compositions, catchy melodies, great musicianship, soloing & Svilpa is an excellent singer, having a voice pretty close to that of Nick D'Virgilio. (This CD) is a must have for any fan of today's Prog music. Highly recommended!”

“The Sound of Thoughts is a fantastic debut and by far one of the better ones of the year. This is also one of the very few albums I’ve listened to straight through several times and each time enjoying it even more. This is a very recommended album!”