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“The new recordings on Robert Steven Hunt's debut album "EAGLE MOUNTAIN" really have taken the music up to a completely different level, especially when you listen to the CD with hi fi headphones (such as myself) outside. A must listen! Like somebody wrote "Stunningly beautiful" ... for me: too beautiful for words ... I mean it! You are bringing Heaven on this earth through your music compositions. Emotional music that touches your heart and soul, I confirm! Blessings from France. (Danny Blackwell). Downloads of the debut album EAGLE MOUNTAIN available now from - http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robertstevenhunt Also from all on-line retailers - cdbaby.com, iTunes, Amazon Mp3, HMV, Spotify. CD version of the debut album (with higher quality sound than on-line) is only available directly from the composer - please contact through the musicians email - robertstevenhunt@gmail.com”

“When I read the comments, what else can I put? Feeling the same - Fantastic! I have been listening to so many great composers but when I listen to your new debut album "EAGLE MOUNTAIN" I can feel your passion in it. A must listen! It is absolutely breath-taking! Je confirme: 5 stars! Blessings from France. Danny Blackwell. Downloads of the debut album EAGLE MOUNTAIN available now from - http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robertstevenhunt Also from all on-line retailers - cdbaby.com, iTunes, Amazon Mp3, HMV, Spotify. CD version of the debut album (with higher quality sound than on-line) is only available directly from the composer - please contact through the musicians email - robertstevenhunt@gmail.com”


“Inspired song writing and musical execution!! Already back for seconds and loving what I hear in my headphones!! I would like to stay in contact for when you post new material!”

“Hello Robert, "EIRA'S THEME" and "LOST IN WONDER" two excellent sounding tracks, great work, be back soon, peace!!!!”

“Robert, I hardly ever get the opportunity to listen to this style of music but after listening to your tunes I'll be coming back again for more. Really beautiful. Really love "LOST."”

“Beautiful soul and musician you are Robert! Stay strong in all the good you do! Laura.”

“You are a wonderful musician and a good encourager! Thank you for your amazing heart!”

“Your playing and compositions are absolutely gorgeous and truly refreshing ........ hooked on "LOST IN WONDER" beautiful piece, as all of them are!”

“Absolutely beautiful music! "EIRA'S THEME" is very nice, I can actually picture that song / music as a sound track to a major motion picture. I really enjoyed listening to all of your tracks, and it was a wonderful experience. Wishing you all the best.”

“Listening, relaxing and enjoying your beautiful music compositions. Very moving! Great musicianship as well. You are so gifted. God Bless you always!”

“I enjoyed the power and emotion in your music Robert. Found much to like!! Sweet piano work and string adds are really nice.”

“Playing your wonderful music now, Robert, I have a speaker system hooked to the computer and the sound is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!”

“Robert, you are truly gifted! Your piano artistry is wonderful and your original compositions are beautiful.”

“Great production in the music "LOST IN WONDER" really relaxing and easy to listen to.”

“Your music makes a difference in people's lives. Keep composing, Keep sharing!”

“A good sound from a good man. We like!”

“Each of your musical compositions are a wonderful musical delight. Lovely melodies and marvelous instrumentals. Best wishes.”

“What gorgeous music. Really lovin it here in LA! Thanks for writing such beautiful music. Best wishes to you. (Lyn Eagle Music).”

“WATER-MEADOW DAWN is beautiful. It's very soothing to the spirit.”

“Taking in the beauty of EIRA'S THEME this morning. You produce moving, melodic compositions and I enjoy hearing them.”

“Rob, I can't get the beautiful NAZARENE out of my head. I have often thought that whole Psalms should be written about Christ, after He walked among us, let us all join together and seek a modern-day sweet Psalmist to put just the right words about Him into this excellent composition. Amen?”

“Dear Rob, Thank you for your music! I love THE NAZARENE! Michael Fraysse. YOUR NEW FAN!”

“Truly Amazing music here, I'm a big fan ...... --- Alter Man.”

“Beautiful music that I could listen to all day long for sure. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us Robert. (Bobby McIntyre).”

“Congratulations on the debut CD "Eagle Mountain" THE NAZARENE has an inspirational melodic beauty that moves the spirit. Wishing you much joy with every new success Rob. Download the debut album from...... http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robertstevenhunt”


“Great compositions, well produced, congrats!”

“Hi Robert, just listened to your music. Awesome piano playing and skills. The Lord has given you an awesome Gift! Drew Patty Collins.”

“Really liking your original cinematic soundscapes, you are a true maestro of the piano.”

“Beautiful world and a lot of sensitivity in these creations.”

“Just stunningly beautiful music. So glad to have dicovered you!”

“Robert Steven Hunt music brings so much love and peace. We love it. Beautiful.”

“Beautiful music downloaded from God! I love "NAZARENE" and felt the presence of Jesus with this song / music. Would be nice to hear some of the Psalms put to this music as separate album or the healing Scriptures. Very Blessed by this music. Shalom Robert, may you be blessed in All things.”

“I really like the thematic compositions.... Beautiful arrangements, Keyboards and over all sound with potential for music scores. Keep the Faith. JC.”

“Robert, I absolutely LOVE... "MY BELOVED" I hear Wedding! Many Blessings to you and please keep honouring us with your talent. --- Tonya.”

“THE NAZARENE is so relaxing and beautiful. MY BELOVED is a wonderful composed love song, with such a romantic perfect blend for all to hear. You play the piano well.”

“Love THE NAZARENE. I am always amazed at how peaceful I feel after I have visited your music page and listened to your work.”

“Your music touches my heart! Thank you!”

“LOST IN WONDER...... Beautiful melodic composition! Great music Robert. God Bless! PJC.”

“Enjoying your beautiful WATER-MEADOW DAWN this afternoon. I enjoy listening to all yourof your compositions. Gathering treasures from your page again.... EIRA'S THEME is exquisite Robert. Always a pleasure to listen in here.”

“Very nice original work Robert. You create an inviting atmosphere within each piece!!”

“You are so talented. Be proud of what you have created beacause it is beautiful.”

“Spell-binding and enchanting music, the work of a true musician.”

“Hi Robert, Congratulations on the release of your debut album "Eagle Mountain" Beatuiful melodies and textures to your music. Album now available online from ....... http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robertstevenhunt”

“I am so proud of you and excited that you have a new debut album out "Eagle Mountain." It was surely a long labour but I am sure that it is wonderful! Can't wait to listen! God Bless you! Peg. OUT NOW FROM ALL ONLINE RETAILERS (iTunes, Amazon Mp3, HMV, Spotify and cdbaby.com) Buy the album online from........... http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robertstevenhunt”

“My Beloved is a beautiful and heartfelt piece. Great works. Cheers!”

“Dark is the Night is stunning! So flowing and moving, drenched with emotion. Absolutely inspiring!”

“Your compositions are sublime, emotional, touching, so gorgeous! Thank you dear heart ... you are just better than wonderful!”

“Beautiful piano compositions from a truly talented musician. Thank you for contributing to the World of Real beautiful music and sharing your gift.”

"The Nazarene" sounds beautiful! Soothing and relaxing music ... thank you!

“Awesome, awesome music, I enjoyed it so much. Relaxing and just lovely.”

“Outstanding music Robert. It is so soothing to the ears. You are very talented.”

“I hope film-makers will find you to contact! Tunes are awesome!”

“Robert, your music is beautiful and dramatic, I love "Eagle Mountain" and "Dark is the Night" I could hear those as movie scores. You are very talented! Keep working and reaching for your dream, you will get there!!! I'm honoured to have you as a fan! B.”

“Absolutely beautiful and hypnotic! I love "Lost in Wonder!"”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the selection of pieces on your page and as a fellow John Barry fan, after reading your bio, I thought "ah yes!" The variety of moods you paint are exceptional! Great to meet you! Matt.”

“Robert, great sound on the piano with a nice mix of strings, superb emotion and ambience coming out. "The Nazarene" was favourite, best of luck in the future. Rick W.”

“So beautiful and emotive. Such a joy to listen to!”

“Your music is absolutely gorgeous! "Eira's Theme" I can just hear it playing during a moving scene in a huge blockbuster movie! Terrific musicianship and writing! I truly wish you all the best with your awesome music! Also "The Nazarene" is gorgeously haunting. Your music sounds like instrumentals from the band "Evanescence" which is very good as their music is amazing.”

“Hi Robert ... absolutely beautiful!!!!! Brings tears to my eyes. God has truly blessed your music and you have listened.”

“Dear Robert! Your music blew us away! You are such a talented pianist and composer. I believe, that it is experience and richness of the heart, that makes your piano talk, smile and cry ... We enjoyed listening to all your touching heart compositions! Thank you for sharing your talented music with the World!”

“Your playing and clarity in these tracks are spot on. I feel like I am sitting in the same room. Wonderful music, absolutely wonderful.”

“Your music is beautiful Robert. "Eira's Theme" and "Water-Meadow Dawn" have such good melodies and your care and tenderness shine through. Seems to me you are not afraid of sadness or passion either.”

“Stunning and captivating work my friend! You have me as a fan that's for sure! Your music is so inspiring and I truly thank you for sharing it with all of us.”

“Hi Robert, one thing I can only say, you are truly a musician and that is from the heart. I love "Eira's Theme." God Bless you!”

“Music that touches your soul, beautiful!!”

“What a wonderful and spirited piano work and music writing ... I truly love "My Beloved" a true passionate piece. Best wishes and peace!!”

"Lost in Wonder" ... a beautiful sound-scape, fills the soul with peace. Excellent composition and performance; peace; Brett.

"The Nazarene" ... still my favourite of all your tracks Robert. So hauntingly beautiful! Enjoying your new track this evening "My Bleloved." Beautifully produced.

“Wow, every song I have listened to so far I really like! Keep sharing with us.”

“Beautiful pieces Robert, listening to "Water-Meadow Dawn" and enjoying the journey, glad you're recording an album, needs to be done, stay blessed.”

“I'm enjoying listening to your beautiful melodies. "Water-Meadow Dawn" is just staying in my head. What a beautiful track. There are so many visions that come to mind with your work.”

“Robert, I just listened to Eira's Theme ... so amazingly breath-taking. Awesome!”

"Creation" is a very moving piece. Simple, beautiful, mesmerizing. I was lost in "Lost in Wonder!" such a beautiful song.

"The Nazarene" stole my heart.

“Wonderful pieces you have here! "Lost in Wonder" is a true gem, I can definitely hear John Barry!”

"The Nazarene" is so lovely! It almost brings tears to my eyes, it is so elegant and yet subtly powerful to stir emotion. Keep up the glorious work! PLEASE! I love it so! Also "Water-Meadow Dawn" is absolutely beautiful, I closed my eyes and savoured the beauty of the instrumental. You are amazing! I'm definitely a fan. Candelina.

"Dark is the night" is meserizingly beautiful. You deliver fantastic emotion and expression. Thank you for sharing such a beauty with the world.

“Every song a master-piece, beautifully played Robert. Stunning! Bravo!!!”

“Beautiful, touching music. Loved every track I listened to. Robert, keep it going, you have a remarkable gift. Ryan.”

“Robert, I love your heart and your soul, keep making awesome music the way you do!”

“When I am stressed I come to your page and stop and listen. Your music helps me unwind. Still a fan!”

“Beautiful melodies Robert! I'm sure there are many people that you have touched with your music. Keep up the great work!”

“It made a deep impression on me to listen to your beautiful, brilliant and fascinating music.”

“You are a beautiful soul and that is reflected in your wonderful music, you are the best friend that keyboard ever had! Psalm 91:11”

“Lovely sweet melody, dreamy atmosphere with tons of emotions in all songs. Really like your music and skills :) looking forward for new songs and albums my friend :)”

"Eira's theme" is an outstanding piece of work. Thank you for letting me find you on Reverbnation. All the best.

“Great music. So exceptional work. "Eira's theme" --- Awesome. Bravo, Rob. All the best --- Dimitrios.”

“Greetings from Payne Springs Texas. You are an incredibly gifted pianist. "Lost in Wonder" is absolutely amazing! Keep up the good work and God Bless you! Chris Harris.”

"Eira's theme" is an epic musical tale with almost spoken piano phrases that are filled with a myriad of emotions! Love --

“Mr Hunt, there are very few artists that share your same talent. So pleased to have listened to your wonderful music.”

“I am thoroughly wrapped in your track "The Nazarene" It is so beautiful ... K.C.”

“I am loving your compositions here, filled with emotion & atmosphere, you have a wonderful talent. Many people could benefit from listening to these beautiful pieces, particularly liking the Nazarene! but all fab :) with blessings to you and your music. Jo Beth.”

“I love the colourful orchestration of your music. Your music is so peaceful and calming. You are an amazing pianist!”

“Pure talent. With such emotion when playing and heard music takes you to a place of serenity and peace. I really enjoyed listening to the tracks and video. God bless. Lisa.”

“Beautiful music Robert, moods talking right to my heart! I am listening to "Lost in Wonder" Excellent piano playing!!! Thanks to you for sharing those amazing pieces of art.”

“What beautiful music Rob! Sounds like heaven! Fascinating!!! Please make more; actually, never stop! :) you are so talented in it! Thank you for your music and thank you for your support! :) God Bless you Robert!”

“This proves that ministry does not always require words; just your playing and what emanates from your person / spirit. I am humbled to be fanned by you. God Bless.”

“Robert, you are an amazing talent! I particularly enjoyed your live video performance of "Eira's theme" ... so inspired, musically sensitive and flawless in construction ... just a Jewel! :) I have a clear image in my mind of it being featured in a beautiful film one day! EP :)”

"Lost in Wonder" is amazing, flawless yet creative and expressive, gorgeous arrangement. Wonderful production!

“Hi Robert, "Eira's theme" is a wonderful up lifting song and composition! Inspiring music of an inspired mind! Cheers and respect from York, Berlin & Frankfurt! PT/WA.”

“I'm glad that you share your music with the world, what a gift.”

“Your music fills one's soul the way it's meant to be ... FULLY! Heartfelt in every way. May the river guide you towards the ocean where you can shower so many more with your gift!”

“Your music breathes like a good spirit. That is not a surprise because you wish to make a difference in people's lives, and not only with your work, but also with your art. I am flabbergasted by the quality of it. All the very best, ZiLT.”

“Loving your new song "Dark is the night" Robert. Another fabulous creation that pulls on my emotional chords! You continue to amaze your audiences! God Bless!”

“Robert, they are not only a classic tune, they are a masterpiece, you just inspired a whole generation out here!!!”

"Dance with me Forever" is SO SO beautiful. I love it!

“Listen to "Eira's theme" of you, Tears!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed Nazarene ... like the history and landscape of the Holy Land, it was poignant and pastoral ... just beautiful.”

“I sit here in stunned silence at the beauty of your compositions ... each one a prime example of a future classic. Thank you my friend for sharing your God given talent for it is truly inspirational.”

“Incredible Composer ... music that not only provides great sounds to please the ear, but also opens up a visual aspect to the imagination of the listener.”

“I thank you for the countless hours practicing and composing so that we can have but a glimpse of what your heart and mind is feeling.”

“Tremendously beautiful music, Mr Hunt, I was in need of a peaceful moment and found it here. Thank you ... and best to you.”

“I love your work, Robert. Emotionally engaging and gorgeous sound. So elegant. So lovely. Looking forward to listening to more of your work mate.”

“Everyone visiting this page listen to "My Song is Over" truly epic romantic piano music ... much Love!”

“Elegant beauty in these songs (instrumental music tracks) ... could / should be a movie score ... very nice work. Love it x 10, Cliff.”

“Beautiful piano touch and sounds you've CREATED. You are giving a lot of people moments to TREASURE with your MUSIC. I enjoyed your textures connecting your pictures of BEAUTY on piano! England is Blessed to have YOU.”

“Your music is divine inspiration. It is the personification of God itself. You are already blessed. (New Orleans ... USA). Omaira Falcon.”

“Inspiring tunes, tailored by a musician who knows the job!!!”

“Beautiful melodies; listening to them makes me feel like I'm floating on a cloud!!! The world needs more wonderful music like you create! -Kevin”

“Absolutely beautiful music. I could listen to this all day and never grow tired of it. Dex.”

“I was drawn in right from the opening notes of Eira's theme. Splendid compositions and superb technique!”

“The love of great music is subjective to the individual; but there is nothing subjective about your music here Robert. This is universally beautiful composition at its best.”

“Truly beautiful music from you (Robert Steven Hunt). It comes from your heart and extends to the keys. Thank you for such beautiful music. You are truly a gifted musician. J.P.”

“Robert, You have a great talent for music-making. This clearly comes from a very highly informed and developed musical intution and intelligence. Warm regards and very best wishes, Yaroslav Senyshyn.”

“Every song a masterpiece! Love them all but Love theme for J truly touches my heart! I have played it over and over many, many times .... beautiful.”

“I don't usually make a habit of commenting on other people's musical compositions but I HAVE TO make an exception in your case. So inspiring, so touching, rich and full of passion - I want to close my eyes and lose myself in your musical reverie.”

“Great expressions of life in a talented array of songs (instrumental piano & music tracks) and performances.”

“I love to envision "my" interpretation of your music! In other words.....as I listen and close my eyes, the story unfolds before me. This is the beauty of your music! I know you have written these wonderful compositions with personal reflection Robert, but they also fit into our lives as well..... giving personal memories long forgotten..... a new life! Wonderful work! Going to listen to Nazarene one more time!”

“What BEAUTIFUL music! While your work can be superb for films, it's a joy to listen to it and have a movie of images unfold in my mind. It's transporting!”

“Gorgeous healing sounds. Thank you for sharing and all the good work you do. The world is a better place with people like you in it.”

“There is so much love so much passion and is simply wonderful to listen too Such well thought out melodies and song structures. I can only imagine the hard work and dedication it must of been to create each loving piece Trajan 2012v”

“The tonal pictures you create and the emotions you evoke through your music are truly wonderful! You have a gift! These would be beautiful, emotion-filled soundtracks. God Bless!”

“Your music is breathtakingly brilliant! The presence of God is there in your music. WOW!”

“Beautiful, beautiful stuff, full of emotion. This is mastery!”

“Beautiful, thoughtful, and serene compositions that gives the listener something similar to a spiritual experience, you truly have a gift! My Spirit soars when listening!”

“Obviously a musician of some standing, excellent showcase of music, very much enjoyed.”

“Each time when I listen to your tunes, they take me into another dimension altogether....it's kind of magic all around in the atmosphere. Amazing creativity you have my friend, remain blessed.”

“Lost in Wonder a perfect charming work to soothe away the cares of the day. Thank you Robert!”

“You're music is captivating. It has meaning and is original.”

“Lovely and Breathtaking ... your music is a beautiful thing!”

“Tender, soulful, sincere. Music in its purest form, it gives me hope, specially "Love theme for J" the piano seems to speak. Very touching themes that reveals the nature of his creator. Awesome! Wish you all the best.”

“Robert, I loved all of your themes! They are so uplifting, healing and so inspiring! I am having morning coffee to the beautiful vibrations of your music and loving every second. I loved all of your music, especially Nazarene. Wow! Thank you!”

“WHOA!!!! you have some real fine work here!!!!!!!!! this is CLASS material. great touch and feel. i know special talent when i hear it. and i hear it. respect from chicago.”

“I listened to your music ... and it is outstanding ... I agree with the others, your music would be great for movies and definately great for the Soundscapes music channel. When I hear your music it relaxes me. You are a prime example of Artistic Excellence.”

“ Not many musicians can stir emotions, and make one reflect on thier own existance......this one can. Incredible music that breathes without vocals! A god given talent.....”

“This might be the best music I have found on Reverbnation.com --- I LOVE IT! Emotion, passion, technique, it's all here. Absolutely lovely, empathic, flowing music --- it will speak to you!”

“Outstanding work, Rob. Everything I listen to is so full of beauty and wonder. Your piano playing is magical. These are really incredible compositions that are cinematic in scope. I suspect you'd have success getting them into TV or film. Bravo!”

“I'm listening to Nazarene, it is so beautiful. It brings tears to my eyes. I love it. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.”

“beautifully rich and lush melodies flow sweetly from this playlist..like the best film theme work of Morricone or Michel Legrand it's very immediate and accessible and gracefully performed. Very nice work!”

“Water-meadow dawn is an amazing track as are all the tunes.”

“Taking an excursion into the musical world of Robert Steven Hunt one finds a world of sentiment, peace, grace & reflection. A most gifted composer & performer.”

“I love the songs you have posted and am not at all surprised at the enormous number of comments from music lovers who agree with my assessment of your considerable talents! I wish you nothing but the best throughout all aspects of your career!”

“You have a truly powerful and deep reach of engagement in your composing and playing. Exquisite. You are so beautifully gifted and full of character that your music flows with such eloquence and purpose and should be heard, appreciated and enjoyed far and wide.”

“I have been listening to Dancing in the sun feels like I am on an island where the holiday is endless freeing me from stress, worries and life's pressures. Beautifully arranged, amazing imagination in motion and sound. Thank you Robert. (Bernie).”

“This is some of the most beautiful piano music I have EVER Heard! You are so talented and gifted.”

“Amazing warm feeling when I listen to your music. Makes all my worries pass away ... Ginger from USA.”

“Absolutely beautiful compositions. This is music you can close your eyes and let it carry you away. Robert Steven Hunt is a brilliant talent!”

“Robert, your music is simply outstanding. You're a Genius and it is fun to listen!”

“Realistic music, I have no words to describe your excellent work!!!!”

“Wow! This is so serene and relaxing. I'm totally a fan!”

“Nice to hear something so unique and well crafted on reverbnation - this was a total pleasure for my ears! All the best to you :D”

“Lost in Wonder ... that's what that song left me! There are no words for the beauty you possess in your music. No lyrics needed, they'd only diminish the power of this story! You paint pictures with sound, and it is joyous!”

“Dance with me Forever (an original piano composition by Robert Steven Hunt). A personal message from the writer of the book "Forever Today" by Deborah Wearing, the story that touched the heart of the composer and inspired the original piano music. "Dance with me Forever, is what Clive (Wearing) often says to me and sums up our relationship beautifully. Thank you for understanding what love is. It's eternal music, a flame that never dies, a song that doesn't need words. It overcomes everything and is higher, wider, deeper, longer than anything and transcends time. It's the miraculous inherent in every heart." "Thank you for your inspirational music. God Bless you and all those who hear it." (Deborah Wearing) May 2012.”

“Thank you for the perfect, soothing, soul-replenishing ending to a long work day! I'm glad I found you, I'll be a long-time listener now.”

“OMG, I could listen to this music all day long. This could only be created by someone with incredible, talent , brains and passion! You are so in the right element. God Bless you!”

“Your music is rich in Sonority and emotion. It is very easy to listen to your pieces as well as being a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Excellent work.”

“My Song is Over. It masterfully conveys the power, and majesty of good music and the piano. Good vibes and friendship. Nick and Amanda.”

“Certainly a breathtaking performance and beautiful composition on ALL tracks. God Bless. Coretta.”

“I knew a Robert Steven Hunt piano piece would take the chill out of a cold January day in Ottawa, Canada. "Lost in Wonder" is glorious. Just what I need. Frank Smith.”

“Lovely, beautiful and inspired tracks. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us. Tiki.”

“Like a natural breeze down the path of life, your musical talent is so purely filled with creative and positive emotions. Play on my friend, a so well deserved like on Youtube as well as an incredible reaction from me (John). Your music is incredibly beautiful. I love your featured (music video) montage of your three piano compositions. All of them are equally breathtaking. I am extremely impressed with your talents and I want to say that I am more than plaeased to add you as a friend as well as subscribe to your (Youtube) channel. John.”

“Stunning ... Beautiful. Truly Emotional ... Just flat out wonderful work. Carron my friend ... continued success ... blessings. m.c.”

“Beautiful music. It flows and takes you to music heaven. I enjoyed!”

“Your music comes from the heart! Very cool! Great soul!”

Marco Pesci - Reverbnation

“I have no doubts that you are just realising your true calling in life!! Get the music out there and keep writing ... the world must hear your talent, your gift to the world is to share it, it's that simple.”

Si-mon - Reverbnation

“Your music surpasses words such is the beauty, we listened at breakfast and we are hooked, your amazing music will now echo in our house and we are all the better for it, thank you and best wishes, Nathan.”

“Epic stuff ... a real talent!”

Si-mon - Reverbnation

“Fantastic music ... you deserve to be known ... nice melody, which brings joy to my heart. You are so gifted!!!!! Keep composing!!!!!”

“Your music is wonderful. I could easily hear it as movie soundtracks ... great melodies!”

Steven G. Eads - Reverbnation

“My song is over, beautiful, does the music ever end? I have followed many American Jazz players in the N.Y.C area, Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Chick and Herbie, love the keyboards, love your style ... JJF.”

“Awesome ... just pure joy to my ears. You are very talented.”

“Your music is crying out to be used on soundtracks. Beautiful and passionate.”

Dreamzanstuff - Reverbnation

“Wow ... beautiful and elegant playability, passionate musicianship! ... You prove how a piano is supposed to be played! Job well done!”

Zealous Endeavor - Reverbnation

“Love The Nazarene and I am Lost in Wonder listening to your compositions ... beautiful, simply beautiful. Keep up the great work.”

“Sounds great! Excellent musicianship and skill! Amazing!”

2 Hour Drive - Reverbnation

“Your compositions are relaxing, halcyon and uplifting ... God has gifted you with extraordinary talent ... Thank you for sharing your work with those of us in the YT community.”

“My Song is Over ... It is absolutely gorgeous, Robert.”

Song of Joy - MySpace for robertstevenhunt56

“Gorgeous music played with passion and sensitivity. Bravo! Best of luck to you in your musical career!!!!!!!”

“Your music is delightful ... very colourful and beautiful. Wishing you continued creativity and much success. Looking for your name in lights. Kind regards Joy.”

Song of Joy - MySpace for robertstevenhunt56

“Lovely music and a sheer delight to listen to!!”

“Awesome music and great production. Much love and continued success.”

Usheda - Reverbnation

“Back to enjoy your exquisite music!!! So gorgeous, moving and highly uplifting!!! Beautiful beyond words!!! Thank you for your music as it is a true gift to enjoy!!!”

“Wow! you have been so blessed with your talent. I pray God will continue your success.”

3NailZ - Reverbnation

“Music maestro pleased Artsbar crowd. A self-taught musician gave a spectacular evening of music in Wokingham. Pianist Robert Steven Hunt impressed audiences with his own compositions at the Artsbar in Wellington Road on Friday, February 25. Mr Hunt, who taught himself how to read and play music, decided to put on a concert after his solo piano music went down a storm during a talent evening on holiday. He said: “I am amazed at the response I have had from around the world for my musical compositions. “The response on holiday was most encouraging and it was suggested that I should not waste the talent that has been given.” Mr Hunt dreams of having his music played by an orchestra but enjoyed performing on a smaller scale at the Wokingham music venue. And he shared the stage with Mr Milloy who performed his own songs as the opening act for the evening which was supported by Faith in the Community, the Arts Collective and the Cultural Partnership. ”

getwokingham - Wokingham Times, getwokingham

“I love the song "My song is over" ... Absolutely beautiful!”

Ryan Crossette - Reverbnation

“Simply put, Robert this has been one of the best visits that I've encountered on Reverbnation.com Your music and composition are nothing short of amazing. Thank you and look forward to many more visits to your page. All the best. Pete Escalaute.”

“WOW great!!!”

Terry Eckersley - Reverbnation

“Very, very, very nice music! One can hear it in the first few notes :-) and then it just gets better. It must be lovely for you to be able to express through your music.”

BritishSnail - Youtube

“Lost in Wonder, is such a wondrous piece of music. The dynamics in this are outstanding. Such heartfelt composing. Keep up the fantastic work.”

Mark Stothard - Reverbnation

“Wonderfully complex components to accessible melodies ... not an easy thing to accomplish. Very nice work indeed!”

“My Song is Over, is very smooth and beautiful. One of my favourite styles of music ... please keep in touch. God Bless.”

All in All. - Reverbnation

“Enchantingly beautiful music (lovely music video too). May God always bless you!”

JesusPaid4You - Youtube

“Beautiful! From the heart and soul.”

Michel Campeau - Reverbnation

“Rob, don't know what to write, I am speachless in the eyes of such perfect and sentimental music. I bow my head in front of you!!!”

“Hey! I like your sound! I love it! I'm loving your track "Lost in Wonder."”

Katarina Maggistro - Reverbnation

“Your music is simply divine ... pure brilliance!”

MOzMOvies2 - Youtube

“Your compositions and piano are so melodic and moving. Keep writing.”

Ecologyngle - Reverbnation

“Your muisic has divine grandeur and a celestial serenity”

“Beautiful work!!!!!!!”

Auriemma - Reverbnation

“Beautiful, the piano is my favourite instrument, I would love to play it as beautiful as you do. The story behind every note touches my heart, thank you. Love it!”

buffgr127 - Youtube

“Your music is so tranquil and beautiful. I wish you much continued success and happiness!”

Harmony Parent - Reverbnation

“My song is over is just lovely. I love the melody and the feeling I get from listening. Not sure why but it has touched me to the point of tears. I absolutely love it. Water-meadow dawn is another great work from you (Robert Steven Hunt). Wow, I am just totally blown away on the feeling and talent here. Big fan here.”

“All your music is special, but "My Song is Over" is so beautiful ... it warms my heart.”

Bingo 44 - Reverbnation

“Very beautiful. Keep composing! Let the emotion flow, unapologetically! Thanks for bringing such a nice tune to the world. Your music is BEAUTIFUL! Keep on playing!!!!!!! GREAT MUSIC! Keep composing, its beautiful!”

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“Your music is beautiful! I'm listeing to "Lost in Wonder" and I can just lose myself in this music! Gorgeous!”

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“You're one of the most passionate pianists I have ever had the pleasure to listen to! God Bless!”

“Your music must reflect your giving personality, because it is giving and warm and lovely and oh so peaceful. You have a real gift for beautiful melody, as each song is so moving. You have blessed me with your music. Thank you.”

Salariatus - Reverbnation


fdviller - Youtube

“Beautiful music, Robert Steven Hunt! Press on!”

Douglas Neckers - Reverbnation

“Truly astounding compositions Rob, you have a great talent. Each track has its own unique quality and emotion. Thank you for sharing and I wish you all the very best life can bring for 2013 !”

“Awesome!! Just awesome, keep on doing what you do and God Bless you!!”

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“I've enjoyed your fantastic clip (music video) and playing on the keyboard, especially "My song is over"! You play this piece with so much feeling ... it touches my soul!”

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“You are an Amazing Composer! "My song is over" is brilliant! I'm so glad I was able to hear your FANTASTIC music! You have a true GOD Given talent! GOD Bless you!!!!”

“Nice and beautiful music. Your talent is God given!”

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“Only God could make a talent such as yours. Keep up the great work! You have an awesome and anointed gift from our Lord. I will keep you lifted before our Lord. God Bless you. (Karen Showell).”

“Wow ... you are such a gifted composer! MYFANWY'S THEME made me cry ... its gorgeous. Your music needs to be in movies!”

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“I am enthralled by the music. Loved it sincerely. Thanks for being on Youtube and sharing your talent with us.”

Labyrinthofmysoul - Youtube

“I just listened to "Water-meadow dawn" and "Eira's theme." It's just heavenly - I'm speechless ... Blessings from France!”

“Wow, beautiful music, Robert, thank you for making these songs and these recordings for us to enjoy!!”

Prayer / Life - Reverbnation

“This is beautiful, Robert. It's passionate, life giving and inspiring. I am a author / writer and love to listen to piano music while I write. I will be listening to this a lot.”

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“Your music is beautiful ... soulful and tender. Praying God blesses you in your musical journey.”

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“Listening joyfully - "The Nazarene" and "Lost in Wonder" are supremely beautiful, Robert!”

“Lost in Wonder ... awesome! Love from New York.”

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Daniele, dani72 - Sonndclick.com

“Love your Music! I hope that all your musical dreams come true. Eva.”

Eva Ilios - Reverbnation

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“Robert, "The Nazarene" is an astonishing, beautiful piece. This track is positively painterly. Terrific composition, lovely playing. Perfect mix and arrangement. (Frank Smith).”

“I love your melodies and harmonies such wonderful compositions. I hope that as I grow older and mature that my composition skills will eventually reach your level!! Keep up the great work!!”

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“I visited your music and must say it changed the whole atmosphere of my little room. Thank you, and keep up the great work.”

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“Your melodies are so strong emotionally ... very impressive in their emotions. You are very talented. "Love Theme For J" really has deep impact ... more than just melody, it tells a story all of it's own, and it is properly delivered ... thank you for sharing your talents. "Pirates theme" makes me smile! It's swash buckling and makes me wanna plunder some booty! (LOL) You have a great sense of musical vision, so please keep sharing. Thanks you!”

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.”

Anke Zohn (Dusseldorf, Germany) - Youtube

“Beautiful Music! Love it!”

The Yangon Musical Orchestra - Reverbnation

“I'm LOVIN Ur music; absolutely stunning piano playing, there's so much warmth & emotion in Ur playing, & the extra instrumental touches such as the synths are used to really good effect to give the instrumentals a more atmospheric, epic sound which is truly beautiful & spine tingling! I can defo hear the John Williams influences, & could imagine Ur music being used for a film soundtrack; it would have to be a really classy historical epic, such as 'Braveheart!' :) I espesh enjoyed "Eira's theme" & "Echoes of Lleyn;" very dreamscape-ey! Peace & best wishes Jamie. C :)”

“Lovely Music ... great sound universe, Robert.”

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“I've just listened through your songs on here and they are all absolutely delightful. You are indeed an accomplished pianist and immensely talented as a composer. Your beautiful music drew me in straight away on "Eira's Theme" and held my interest until the very last note in "My Song is Over". Wishing you every success for the future.. Paul”

“I am impressed ... beautiful Music!”

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Santa - Soundclick.com

“My afternoon has been filled with the rich beauty of your wonderful compositions, from Eira's theme, to Ballet Dancer and The vocal collaboration with Mathers, I have always loved piano music, and yours touches my heart and soul, like a warm spring breeze......ahhhhhh, so soothing, Bravo!!!!!!!!!!”

“Good luck in your musicial future and don't be afraid to be heard.”

Keith Morgan - Reverbnation

“Lost in Wonder is appropriately named. Just beautiful! It inspired my soul to a greater sense of peace and happiness. Thank you ... Anna.”

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“I like your music, great sound; Lost in Wonder is amazing! Good Luck.”

Ece-Ozalp - Reverbnation

“What can I say? Your music is simply beautiful! It transcends, embraces and appeals to open minds and hearts. I closed my eyes and listened..what a magical journey it was :)”

“Nice Music!”

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“In the countless hours it must have taken you to record these songs Robert, you may have wondered if they would mean something to people. Well, they sure meant something to me this morning as I enjoyed a late breakfast and gazed out my window at the wonders of nature. It was a perfect match and one of those rare perfect moments in life. God bless you, and thank you for pouring your heart into your songs!”

Michael Kosterman - Reverbnation

“Wow!!! Absolutely amazing Robert, I just love this. Your music is truly a gift to the World. You should indeed share your music and I believe you could become known as one of the World's great music artists. Keep composing those lovely melodies and sharing them!”

Cathy McKerley (Kaspco) - Soundclick.com

“Eria's theme, such a masterpiece. As a musician, I like all your compositions. They are the Pinacle of talent. Sincere congratulations.”

“Your music has much skill and feeling in its presentation, with accompaniments you have provided strings, keyboard, piano; it all comes together so well. I especially like Lost in Wonder, with tempo change to emphasise emotion, speeding up and slowing down; yet keeping in time, thank you!”

Chip Hocsak (U4YAH) - Soundclick.com

“Here, there is where the music magic has no frontieres, no publicity of VIP, but simple wonderful magic.”

Siempre - Reverbnation

“Just been listening to your music, it is so beautiful. You are so blessed with talent.”

Robyn Fisch - Facebook Musicians page

“Robert's music is beautiful. Eagle mountain has a freedom to it which inspires; The Ballet Dancer explores beauty, freedom, expression, potential and growth (I think this is my favourite); whilst Coming Home is warm and embracing. The composer is clearly a very talented, intuitive and sensitive man.”

Anonymous - Via Email

“Listening to your music, its so lovely, beautiful melodic styling, love it. Keep up the great works.”

Evan Paul - Soundclick.com

“Love theme for J ... I love it very much, in one word, BEAUTIFUL!”

Elya - Facebook

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“Hi Robert, you have very melodic compositions. very, very, very good!!! Good luck!!!”

Anunnaki - Reverbnation

"Lost in Wonder, awakens in me of my earliest memory as a small child. Even now, when I listened to that composition of yours, tears well up and I cry silently alone in my apartment. God bless you Rob for letting me live once again, this sad but beautiful memory of mine. ...sitting alone in my apartment...listening to Lost in Wonder, which reminds me of the secret flight of leaving wartorn Japan...when I was a child...the pale blue sky, the wisps of clouds...the vibration and drone of the propeller driven, US military cargo plane, refueling on Wake Island...then refueling on Midway...finally landing in what was then known as the Territory of Hawaii....my earliest childhood memory...of a quiet desperation of leaving home...lost in wonder... Aloha, Zenko Paul Sakomizu.


Anthony Wenzel - Reverbnation

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“Eira's theme, beautiful! So simple, yet ... touching.”

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Jiri Hejek - composer - Soundclick.com