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“Rob McKee's - Raw - Coming in 2012”


“Billy's Song has now advanced to the Fame Games Q-Show 248, scheduled for Monday on 2/14/2010. Congratulations! Making it to the on-air showcases is a big deal because suddenly, you and your song is being heard by a truly massive international audience! ”

“Billy's Song put a tear in my eye! My Pappy was a WWII Vet who outlived Grandma. This describes him to the T! He`s gone now.WOW.Thank you for this song brother!! It`s like you knew this great man who so touched my life! God bless all of our peaceful warriors! I was with him when he passed ”

“1/25/2010: I am sure we all know a billy to relate to.This song is a nice piece of sentiment that is very capably put to music,The vocal sounds genuine which is a must be for this kind of ballad.I could see this doing well in the country charts.Nice one. 335”

“Beautiful country voice and sound with a true meaning that gets deep down inside the soul. The thing though it that it moves to slow and I think you´re gonna really lose your audience after a minute. I´d like to hear what it sounds like after a speed up. ”

“12/6/2009: This is a very well written, produced and performed song! The vocal is out front and sounding really good on this track. This song should do well on radio.”

“This is very nice, and starts tender with feeling and emotion. This is very country, but because of tenderness he brings to the table, i think this could crossover with a few tweaks here and there, but would like to hear a bit more of a chorus here, to make it really build.”