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"Robert Marr doesn’t miss a beat with this record, and every song tells a story that never gets old. This is one album you will have on repeat for quite some time, so be prepared to embrace it. Robert Marr, we are glad you found music again. It is where you belong." From the review of Shady Stories & White Lies

"Shady Stories & White Lies is a brilliant album that will appeal to music fans who enjoy folk, country and true rock and roll." from the review of Shady Stories & White Lies

"Marr brings beauty into every piece, track to track..." from the review of Shady Stories & White Lies.

"No matter what Marr tries his hand at, he is succeeding....." relative to the diversity of Shady Stories & White Lies

“Robert, what a great tune (Ballad For Katie), love the lyrics, your voice, the music..........nothing more special than listening to a tune that makes you be glad your alive! Kudos!”

Dave Falk - Reverbnation - Ballad For Katie

“If you haven't already purchased Bob Marr's new Christmas CD, Pere Noel, you should stock up now! It features classics done in Bob's signature style, along with some beautiful new originals … It is a blend of faith and fun, Christmas magic and just a touch of mayhem. What a great stocking stuffer!”

Susie Keat - SQD

““Robert Marr gives the impression of great strength and power. This power is very apparent in his songs. But true power is the confidence to take a John Prine anthem and wrap around it a tale and a song so delicate, and to do so with a voice so strong and gentle is pure Robert Marr.””

“Robert writes from the heart and it shows, I've had the priveledge of hearing him a couple of times live (where I got the CD.) As a fellow Michigander, I consider him as a true state treasure.”

“I have played several songs from this CD on my internet radio show The Open Mike Cafe. I've also seen Robert play onstage and have interviewed him. I can only echo what other have said. This is one gifted man.”

“This artist is a really wonderful songwriter, the type who makes my job difficult in selecting a single track.”

“This is how I love a song delivered (speaking of Could You Forgive?). In an honest and true setting in a really honest and stripped down way. the story was a great one and really captivated me.”

Don de Leaumont - Garage Band

“great song bro! The Speedwell is fantastic!”

Mike Lyzenga of The Bluies Crossing - Garage Band