Robert Jon & the Wreck / Press

"Feeling in the mood to pump your fist high up in the air to a bunch of crazy, but oh-so-good rock n’ roll music? Then Robert Jon and the Wreck is the perfect way to rock out in the beginning of 2014."

Inland Empire Weekly

"The band is familiar with packing a punch whether they're performing live or hooked up in a studio. And this album has that punchy attitude all over it."

Blues Rock Review

“Live, their set is derived in a way that makes you want to jump up and down, grow a beard, and close-knuckle-punch a bear in the jaw.”

“Robert Jon & the Wreck took the tiny room to a whole new level with fog machines, dramatic lighting, and that sexy, hard-grinding blues-rock we never get tired of. Puddle of sweat included in their sonic exchange with our ears.”

“They are as Rock and Roll as you can get, with a no nonsense sound that gets down to business from the opening note.”

"Robert Jon & the Wreck is one of Orange County’s premiere rock bands taking the riff rocking attributes of Southern Rock and blending it with some of the softer qualities of today’s pop country. RJ & the Wreck are known for their electrifying live performances and their wholesome, down right, tumbleweed-and-spurs-like sound. Their music is full, instrumentation intricate, and the band has such a great energy on stage. Robert Jon has a killer voice and presence as he fronts the talented musicians otherly known as The Wreck which consists of local champions in the worlds of keyboards, drums, guitars and bass. Whether you like blues, country, rock, southern rock, or any variation of the sort, you will find something to love about these guys."

“This hard-working rock ‘n roll band with a huge sound akin to a soft country-styled Foo Fighters wants to take their musical dreams to the next level.”

"Their latest album, Fire Started, is a blues-heavy full-length album with a soft country feel to “Look in Your Eyes” and edgy classic-rock nuance driving “Run Away” and “Love Roulette.”

"Robert Jon & the Wreck have been enticing people across the United States this summer with their Blues/Rock musical creation, “Fire Started”, their debut album as a 5-piece band. After 3 months of full on touring, the boys have come home to share their tour stories over some Jameson and to let SoCal hear their new album live and in the flesh at their CD Release/Homecoming party at Di Piazza’s last Friday night (Sept. 2nd – 9 PM). I had the chance to get the skinny on what’s new and happenin’ with Robert Jon Burrison himself."

"Robert Jon & the Wreck keep blues/rock alive in OC's surf-saturated music scene. Begun by Robert Jon Burrison around three years ago, the Wreck—Andrew Espantman (drums), Steve Maggiora (keyboards), Derrick Wong (bass) and Kyle Michael Neal (guitar)—were 2010 additions. They're currently spreading their sound to the world via their two-and-a-half-month tour, one free download card at a time—which they've been passing out left and right to cops, bartenders and passing cars to promote their new album, Fire Started. They return to California to play a CD-release party Friday in Long Beach. We spoke to them while they were on the road to get a glimpse at how the tour is going."

"So Robert Jon and the Wreck get credit for following their heart because it's not always easy to do something with that kind of reputation, but Fire Started deserves note because while it's a traditional album in many ways, it's a kind of modern traditionalism that draws on multiple sources."

“....best ever booked!”

Jack Ballenger - Rockslide Brewery