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“Can you dream in music? According to Robert Johnson, you can not only dream in music but you can also find creative musical inspiration through dreams. When asked what type of musical influences Johnson draws from he answered honestly. "For example, I once dreamed of a child in Purgatory. And in this dream I tried to release her soul with a ransom of my own soul. But as I began my descent into the netherworld, a choir of angels awoke me, singing, "Come on Baby, Lemme' Save Your Soul" and "Hold Me a Rose, Cry Me a River Too" . . . these phrases would later from the foundation of the chorus in what later would become the hook in “Save Your Soul, one of my songs." said Johnson. Even with musical inspirations coming through dreams, the path to success has not been an easy road. Johnson has been a part of the Michigan music industry for many years and the hard work has officially paid off. Even with all of this recent success Johnson is determined to remain in Detroit, Michigan.”

“Robert Johnson "Born on the dark side, lookin for the bright side . . . I found the sun through my music." Robert Johnson is a solo recording artist and performer who has toured nationally and internationally. While his music is enjoyed throughout the world, he is most popular in the U.S., the Philippines and Japan. This vocalist and guitarist, who performs exclusively on vintage guitars, has been playing music for generations of fans, throughout the world. ”

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