Robert Burton / Press

“River Heights musician releases second CD after accident. Local musician Robert Burton is determined to release a new CD every year for the rest of his life. Burton’s determination follows a potentially career-ending cycling accident in 2010. He suffered a shattered and dislocated right elbow and lost the feeling in his right hand as a result of the accident. The right-handed multi-instrumentalist, who plays guitar, piano and drums and a host of other instruments, was initially told he’d never be able to play music again. "I was a shadow of my former self (after the accident). I didn't play any piano. It took a month before I could do anything on the guitar, but it was very minimal, but all the other instruments were off the table," the River Heights resident and owner of River Heights Music School said. Burton said as he was lying on the ground, immediately after the accident, he was thinking about what he would do if he couldn't make music anymore. "I couldn't think of anything,”

“Robert Burton is a guitarist,drummer, bassist, keyboard player, composer, arranger, producer, and teacher for 30 years.Educated at York University and went on to Humber College, majoring on both Guitar and Drumset. ...”