Robert Alan White / Press

“Love this ! Yes, 'unique / familiar' a feat managed with economy and adventure here -- ANGELINNA grooves to boot and BEEN is heart attack serious, knocked me out -- today -- this is a page to savor, fine works ! May 06”

“R.A.W. and psychedelic blues...our 3 favorite things:)”

“I simply love this guy. His songs are heartfelt and direct, recordings are polished and professional. I'd describe RAW's voice as between Clapton and Bowie, but distinct enough to stand out. Great tunes.”

“Been Unforgiven is truly unforgettable...”

coccinella - reverbnation

“I love the blues especially well thought out, because the blues is the spirit first. 1 question ..... empty pocket is specially written for me? lol thank you again”

“just go away..is wonderful...love it, love the melody, arrangement and lyrics...good on you.. girlierox”

girlierox - girlierox

"just go away is terrific...love all the instruments you use on this track the mschifgals

the mschifgals - the mschifgals

“I like them all ....great writing!! Thank- You, Jason Buie”

Jason Buie - Jason Buie

“I just had a listen to Angelina. Nice! This is my kind of acoustic rock!”

Ryan Keating - Ryan Keating and the Sons of Kain