Robb Strandlund (Platinum Songwriter) / Press

“Singer Songwriter Robb Strandlund at the San Diego Folk Music Society. --- “Singer songwriter Robb Strandlund made a lasting impression among traditional music aficionados at the August gathering. Robb was an inspiration to the large throng of budding song writers, musicians and guests, who helped to more than double the usual attendance at these song fests. The songs presented were written by Robb during his many years working in Nashville as a professional song writer. The long lingering applause for Robb's smooth guitar style, incredible vocals and polished, solid songs indicated that he deserves being called one of the best touring acts on the market today. ”

Larry Rose - San Diego Unoin

“FLYING HIGH "Already Gone" Songwriter does his own thing at Bean Town. By Bliss, What's a songwriter do when he hits the top of the charts? Some buy yachts, but some like Robb Strandlund, who co-wrote the Eagles' monster 1974 hit, "Already Gone," ride their royalty checks into lifelong careers. Now after writing songs for others, Strandlund's "doing his own thing." Which brings him to Bean Town tomorrow night. Strandlund was "smack in the middle" of the area music scene when it was bustling with past and future members of the Eagles, the Birds Poco and Rick Nelson's Stone Canyon Band, when rock was fusing with Country, Folk and Bluegrass in the late 60's/early 70's. There were enough live music venues that the business-minded Strandlund made his rent playing honky tonks and bars five to seven nights a week. In fact it was back stage at a San Diego club called the Back Door that he and Jack Tempchin dashed off "Already Gone" in as long as it takes to sing it," he laughs....”

Bliss - Pasadena Star News