Roots of a Rebellion / Press

“Though Roots of a Rebellion (whom most fans refer to simply as ROAR) is the youngest band on the bill, this local group definitely has their act together. Since graduating from the Belmont University music crowd a few years back, ROAR has become a favorite up-and-comer in the national reggae scene. The group has scored several festival slots and played shows all across the country, due mostly to their penchant for putting on fantastic tunes and an engaging live show. We’ve always enjoyed catching these guy’s performances around town, and this one definitely won’t be one to miss.”

“Becoming a staple in the scene over the last four years, Roots of a Rebellion are about original as local bands come in Music City, mixing elements of jam rock and reggae with extended dub breaks. Coming in a couple songs into their set, I was happy to see them playing even tighter together than I’d remembered from previous encounters. Chatting with my photographer over some Long Hammer IPAs, we both felt some King Tubby inspired vibes. They brought out a harmonica player for the last number and jammed it out for a good fifteen minutes without pause; reggae middle Tennessee style.”

“Amidst touring along the east coast earlier this year, Nashville’s Roots of a Rebellion have been busy inside Castle Studios recording their debut full length album. After four years of writing, recording, performing, and much anticipation, Roots of a Rebellion released Heartifact on August 8th. A follow up to their 2012 EP Inner Light, this record features 13 new tracks that the band believes is a good snap shot of how far they have come over the past few years.”

"These guys has been quite consistent in delivering proper reggae music, or at least since we’ve been listening, and for a band located in Nashville with absolutely no beach in sight, that’s pretty damn respectable."

"R.O.A.R. aka Roots of a Rebellion is a reggae rock band whose positive lyrics swim through your blood stream with a soothing and stimulating effect. The heartfelt roots of their lyrics play to your soul, guiding you on a deep spiritual journey."

“When it comes to reggae there are several acts that base themselves in it, but with their positive lyrics, their feel good rhythms, their groove, combined with outstanding trumpet playing and a top-notch live show that keeps the audience’s attention from first notes to last, Roots Of A Rebellion is clearly the leader of that brand of music. When they hit your area this is one show that you will not want to miss!”

“It is impossible not to notice the energy that ROAR emits when on the stage.”


“Love, personal and community responsibility, and inner growth are the big motivators behind each song, something that each of the members strive to live by in their personal lives.”