RJ Minichello (rjechoes) / Press

“RJ Minichello drummer for Hard Rock band NEWPASTLIFE has been described as "Darker than Stone Temple Pilots and more accessible than Tool" By MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE and hailed as "ONE OF THE BEST UNSIGNED BANDS IN LOS ANGELES" by PUBLICITY WHORE MAGAZINE, ”


“Scott Baker, R.J. Minichello and Matt Mang are known as "Rock Revolution", put on one helluva show, ... Says fab drummer R.J.: “What sets us apart from others is that we take cover songs people actually hear all day (Lady Ga-Ga,K$sha,and other Rock Favs too) and put our own spin on it. It gives us a unique identity in the club scene locally anyway."”

"In a land dominated by cover bands, its tough," says drummer RJ Minichello. "But we've been at it so long we feel like we have our own nitch...since packing clubs with band NEWPASTLIFE it seems he is right on the mark". With Aaron Fink (former Strangers with Candy/Lifer and now guitarist for Breaking Benjamin) playing bass guitar for the group while Breaking Benjamin works on new album "Phobia", they have demanded the attention of the Breaking Benjamin camp and record labels alike.

“New Silverfox Drums/Percussion endorser RJ MInichello is the driving force and drummer with Gemstone(2002). They recently finished a new (2nd) CD. Check iTunes for band and CD info. ”

“R.J. Minichello and his music are in a sort of relationship. He’s only 36, but already he has had a life filled with excitement and disappointment, missed opportunities and great personal satisfaction and most of all… talent with enthusiasm. It’s all because of his love affair with music!”