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"RJ Comer delights not only the ear, but the soul, as well as something deep inside me, as a woman."

"If you’re looking for a sturdy, hearty rock and country piece of music to blast for your next road trip, search no more. “Nightly Suicide” by RJ Comer is a collection of six songs that are impossible not to like."

"...a 9 out of 10 album for me. It is one album, you wouldn’t want to miss out."

"Comer preaches the gospel of the downtrodden."

"...croons his way through addiction, failed relationships and redemption, in a search for salvation that is closely reminiscent of Bad Blake as portrayed by Jeffrey Bridges in the film Crazy Heart. His introspective lyrics induce the confessional tone of a man laying bare the depths of his soul."

"You can feel the pain and scars of past decisions dripping off every note and lyric sung."

"''Angels love me but the devil owns me and the battle keeps me on my feet' hell of a way to start out a song. The Moon Ain’t Fallen On Me Yet begs anyone listening to concentrate on the lyrics."

"Comer should be applauded for his amazing songwriting lyrical skills. Each song is personal and poetic."

“Nightly Suicide - 4th week in Top 10, #2 Week of March 28”

“Nightly Suicide Third Week in Top 10 Radio Indie Alliance Charts”

“Nightly Suicide -- Second week in Top 10 Radio Indie Alliance Charts”

"...easy to play on repeat.... the songwriting is world class."

"RJ Comer is a one of a kind bluesy, Americana artist that displays imagery and poetic story lines through his songwriting."

“Gritty, beautiful sounding guitar tones, a head noddin’ drum rhythm and the rough, bluesy voice of RJ combine to create this catchy single [Nightly Suicide] that sticks in your head long after the song ends.”

"Nightly Suicide is my most intimate and confessional record yet. This is about a time in my life when every bad decision I made – and I made mostly bad ones back then — killed a little bit more of me. These here aren’t light-hearted sweet songs with chanting vowel-sound choruses that could play under a laundry detergent commercial."

"I Wasn't Born an Angel" hits Top 25 -- Radio Indie Alliance Chart (Week of March 1)

"Nightly Suicide" debuts in Top 10 -- Radio Indie Alliance Charts (Week of March 7)

"We dig this cat. He's got a classic vibe and smooth moves."

"Getting a kick in the butt from life..." Von Cloedt plays songs about overcoming a teeth-kicking in Episode 273, including two track from RJ Comer

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